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Halloween Costumes to keep you going until The Witching Hour

Get your vampire on with these spooky costume ideas

In the world of Vampires, Witches and Wizards, unfortunately, Halloween will never be the same again. Gone are the days of wearing bin liners, plastic party masks and false glow in the dark witches’ nails. Instead, expect to see a whole load of Wonder Womans, Harley Quinns, Pennywise the Clowns and the odd Donald Trump.

Whether you are going solo or showing off with your other half, high street stores and online stores are not running short of unique costume ideas this Halloween.

“Gone are the days of wearing bin liners, plastic party masks and false glow in the dark witches’ nails.”

For those who like to dress up but not dress up, ASOS welcomes us to the dark side with a whole host of sexy Halloween unitards and cooky slogan shirts. A simple t-shirt and black tulle skirt or black leather leggings shows an effort has been made to look a little bit on the spooky side. Add a pair of novelty Halloween devil ears and some fake blood and you are good to go. The beauty of a simple yet ghoulish outfit is that it can easily be taken from day to night by just selecting the right accessories. High street favourite Claire’s Accessories are here to help this Halloween with their glittery face tattoos. At only £5 per item they are easy to pop in your bag and use when


Continuing with online stores, Pretty Little Thing also has us hooked this season with their own killer costumes and coveted dresses. Items on the site are no more than £25 and include a sweet little pumpkin onesie for those who plan on staying in on Halloween night. Of course, the classics are included in their range: Vampire mistress and red polka dot Minnie Mouse costumes. The beauty of having a costume only a click away is that online sites have an extensive collection of accessories as well as clothing items which means there is no need to be traipsing around shops looking for last minute pieces.

“There is no need to be traipsing around shops looking for last minute pieces.”


In a recent interview, Margot Robbie explained why she prefers to dress as a male for Halloween, commenting that she never understood the need for “slutty costumes” because dressing up as a male is more fun. Forget the treat and go straight for the trick and give the amber haired, evil clown Pennywise from IT a go. This costume does not have to be as frightening as the film and high street stores are bound to have their own take on the novelty costume. The only part of this costume that requires effort is the makeup. Being Halloween, beauty gurus on Youtube are uploading plenty of Halloween makeup tutorials in the weeks leading up to the 31st. Beauty blogger James Charles recreated the Pennywise look with a twist by creating a cut crease eyeshadow technique, striking brows and a pair of false lashes. The look itself is hair-raising yet super glam.


Depending on whether you have the ‘go hard or go home’ mentality, or just like to keep things simple, there is plenty out there for Halloween costumes this year. Go as a unicorn like Taylor Swift, twin with your partner as Mario and Luigi or go as Christina like Kylie Jenner. The options really are endless. Bring the boo this Halloween and remember to have fun!

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