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Has Crime in Portsmouth become as bad as London?

Shocking figures reveal a steady increase in crime

For many students and locals, a high crime rate in Portsmouth doesn’t seem like much of a surprise. With last year’s hammer attack and the assault on the Malaysian student still lingering in the memory, more if not worse crimes seem to be happening. Recent shocking stories over the last few months include stabbings, murder, human trafficking and raided brothels. No one is blind to the degenerates, blatant drug and alcohol abuse or the definite increase in homelessness.

According to, in March 2014 the crime rate average in Portsmouth Fratton areas was 18.54 crimes per thousand residents. By March this year figures have almost doubled to 32.06 despite the average in Hampshire being just 20.03. Since March 2014, the average crime rate for violent and sexual offences have tripled. In fact, despite the crime rate in Southampton being slightly higher than Portsmouth, Portsmouth has dominated in violent and sexual offences this year with the rate of 44.82, despite the average in Hampshire being 28.02.

The most recent figures reveal that in August alone this year 2,058 crimes were committed on Portsea Island, more than half of the crimes committed were in student-heavy areas such as Fratton and Southsea. 532 of these crimes were violent and sexual offences with roughly 200 of these being in and around the university campus areas. The figures for September this year are yet to be revealed but with the crime rate steadily rising and already a stabbing reported just off of Elm Grove on the 1st of October it is not looking good. Despite the high figures and statistics, not a lot is being done to make people aware of the crimes in our local area. News, when reported, is often slow with most of the papers failing to report violent crimes until many months after the event. Disturbing figures also reveal that despite the increase in violent and sexual offences, the actual prosecution rate for rape in Portsmouth is still low.

This is very worrying considering that on average most crimes go unreported so the true extent of how bad things are in Portsmouth seems to be unknown. To put these worrying figures into perspective known bad areas in London such as Croydon only had 1,750 crimes in August and only 384 of those were violent and sexual crimes. More needs to be done to ask why the crime rate in Portsmouth is not only increasing but why it’s such a low priority. Why do the police insist that there is no pattern and that there is nothing to worry about and what are they doing to protect our community?

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