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Kevin Spacey Hit with Multiple Sexual Harassment Allegations

The double Oscar winner is the latest Hollywood giant to be accused


Kevin Spacey is the latest high profile member of the entertainment industry to be accused of sexual harassment after a string of claims against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein were brought to media attention. Anthony Rapp, star of RENT and the current Netflix series Star Trek: Discovery, began the sexual harassment claims against Spacey after posting on Twitter and explaining in an interview with Buzzfeed News how the #metoo campaign, a social media trend whereby people posted about their own harassment and assault experiences, had emboldened him to bring his story to attention, after carrying it with him for over thirty years. In a statement, he stated that he had met Weinstein at a party in the 1980s on the set of one of his early films. Rapp, who was just 14 at the time, said that Spacey picked him up, before laying on top of him in a way that was blatantly seductive.

Spacey’s apology appeared to cause more controversy than the claim itself, with Spacey taking this moment, however inappropriate, to announce his happy, homosexual relationship with another man. Many people suggested that by doing so, Spacey was trying to move attention away from the claim in a way that would excuse him from his actions, while others simply accepted the apology as sincere, after Spacey claimed to have no memory of the drunken incident.

This has caused a plethora of claims against him, a particularly unsettling one telling of how Spacey invited a young boy to stay with him in his home in New York, only to cry when the boy refused to kiss him and waking up later on to find Spacey lying on top of him whilst he slept. These allegations continued, with links to the Old Vic theatre, which has since set up a confidential helpline for employees to come forward. Filmmaker, Tony Montana, says that he was groped by Spacey in an LA bar in 2008, and a number of similar allegations have surfaced since.


This has had an incredibly quick response from multinational entertainment companies linked to Spacey, including Netflix. The ubiquitous streaming service immediately pulled House of Cards, which Spacey front-lines, in light of the allegations, after suggesting that they were going to end the television programme after the sixth season anyway. More recently, Spacey was cut from All the Money in the World, which is scheduled for release on December 22nd. Spacey’s scenes are going to be reshot with Oscar winner Christopher Plummer. The awards ceremonies are also not unaffected. Spacey was due to receive an Emmy next year, which was promptly pulled when the claims came to light.

As it is, Spacey has been dropped by his agent. Spacey’s spokesperson has said that he is seeking treatment and evaluation, but new claims and allegations are coming to the surface seemingly every day, from Spacey’s colleagues at the Old Vic and from renowned persons alike.

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