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Never Fear – Cheap Dates are Here!

Couple on a budget? Here's a few date ideas that won't break the bank.

Student life can be pretty tough on your bank account. What with having to pay bills like an adult and cooking for yourself instead of relying on mum’s famous dinners. That’s why unfortunately the luxuries must take a step back as budgeting becomes your best friend.

It isn’t all doom and gloom though. As many of you will have experienced, student life is great once you get your loan but it can disappear quickly. Dating is one thing that students are sometimes put off; the hassle, the meals out, the gifts, the drinks, it all adds up. As students we aren’t cut out for all of that, we can just about get by spending £2.50 on a meal.

There is nothing more romantic than snuggling together on the beach under the stars

Luckily dating doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg as there are plenty of things you can do with your significant other that are both romantic and cheap. You might be dating someone who is a student as well so they are going to most likely be in the same boat as you and not have an ‘A la carte’ dinner for two planned.

An excellent idea is to go for a picnic – It doesn’t take a lot to buy a £3 meal deal and find a nice, quiet scenic spot to share with your loved one. Just grab a blanket and a bottle of cheap prosecco and you’re raring to go. Beware though, some places don’t allow public drinking.

You could make use of our famous seafront and take a stroll. We are lucky that Portsmouth has beautiful parks and tranquil seafront in Southsea. Take your date for an evening stroll and watch the sun set. There is nothing more romantic than snuggling together on the beach under the stars and maybe even treat yourself to some fish and chips whilst you’re at it. Bargain.

Having a movie night doesn’t always mean mean the typical ‘Netflix and chill’.

One of the cheapest options is to cook or bake a new recipe together. It could be more difficult to do if you are living in halls but just ask your flatmates if you can take over the kitchen for a few hours and you’re ready to go. The kitchen is the greatest bonding space and the best place for becoming more comfortable around one another. You get to know each others likes, dislikes and eating habits whilst both preparing and cooking, being productive whilst spending quality time with your other half. Pop down to your local Lidl and try out a recipe that you intrigues you both. If it turns out to be terrible, microwave meals are the best back up plan and super cheap.

Having a movie night doesn’t always mean mean the typical ‘Netflix and chill’, it can literally mean what it says. Ask your partner to choose two of their favourite films and you do the same. Watching them together in a bundle of blankets and with endless snacks can make for a really cosy night in. There’s nothing more personal than bonding over your favourite films, it will let you get to know the person they are and what they enjoy.

Portsmouth has some great concert venues especially when it comes to small, intimate performers. This doesn’t mean you have to fork out hundreds of pounds for a sought after concert ticket. The undiscovered artists that perform at the smaller venues are hidden gems. The Wedgewood Rooms is a great venue for music artists and comedy nights. Have a browse online at something that may appeal to you both and go along. You never know, you may enjoy it and become closer over enjoying the same music together and if all else fails, you can always ditch the gig and head to Lyberry for £1.50 drinks.

There are so many other options out there for dates that won’t put you out of pocket and still mean you will get to know the other person whilst doing it. Remember: less is more.

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