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Visiting Stockholm – Take A Chance On Me

Does the beauty of the city outweigh its hefty price-tag?

Stockholm: the capital of Sweden and the largest city in the country. Located on the Swedish south-central east coast built across a number of small islands, Stockholm is also one of the fastest growing cities in Europe.

What is so unique about Stockholm is that it provides both an urban buzz and rural serenity. Visitors can easily find modern entertainment, but also plentiful sights with a historic charm. Although when it comes to students and student life, Stockholm is not always considered to be a typical Swedish student city.

There is a rich choice of sophisticated nightclubs in Stockholm.

Credit: Níne Hedlundh

The three main universities in Stockholm are: Stockholm School of Economics, Royal Institute of Technology and the University of Stockholm. Each university has their own societies with various events and student pubs, all with relatively cheap prices. If you are looking for a night out clubbing and dancing however, you will not find your generic ‘student nightclub’, like you can easily find across the UK’s university cities. The nightclubs in Stockholm are designed for everyone above the legal drinking age of 18.

There is a rich choice of sophisticated nightclubs in Stockholm depending on whether you are looking for a wild night out or a more relaxed evening. Östermalm and Södermalm are the the two key nightlife zones. In the city centre, Östermalm and Stureplan are where the clubs and bars are glamorous, but students might have to dig deeper into their pockets. Not to be deterred, a typical night in this district for a student would be to start at Sturehof, then continue to Sturecompagniet and end the night at Spybar. Due to its reputation, it is a real favourite with locals, bankers and Swedish celebrities. Södermalm, on the other hand, is the area to go to if you are looking for a more casual style and setting, the prices are usually cheaper as well.

Another museum worth stopping by is the ABBA museum where the legendary pop band’s works are showcased.

In addition to the rich nightlife, there is a tremendous amount of other things to see and do when visiting Stockholm. Some of the top historical sights are Old Town, Drottningholm Palace, the Vasa-Museum and Stockholm City Hall. Another museum worth stopping by is the ABBA museum located in Djurgården where the legendary pop band’s works are showcased. If the historical sights are not your cup of tea, the city offers a variety of alternatives such as shopping, theatres, parks and restaurants.

Stockholm has a reputation for style and fashion and does indeed provide everything from designer stores to handy malls. If designer stores and boutiques are what interests you, Östermalm is the place for you. It is the most exclusive district in Stockholm and includes the iconic department store Nordiska Kompaniet. Nonetheless, the fashionable indoor mall, Mood Gallerian, provides a more casual clothing shopping experience as well. If you’re planning a full day of shopping, the newly built Mall of Scandinavia provides shoppers with over 200 shops and restaurants and guarantees that you will be able to find what you are looking for. In regards to restaurants, there is a wide range of different cuisines located all around the city.

Stockholm also has a unique outdoor environment with endless sporting opportunities. There are several trails and waterside walks that can be used for joggers, hikers and cyclists during the warm summer months and by skiers in the winter.

Credit: Níne Hedlundh

If you are not a fan of doing sport or exercise yourself, there are many events held for supporters. The biggest sports in
Stockholm are football and ice hockey. The bigger games are usually held in the Stockholm Globe Arena or Friends Arena. These arenas also host other events such as music concerts and international shows.

Flights from London to Stockholm with Ryanair can cost as little as £15 for a return.

Despite the beauty of the city, it must be realised that Stockholm is an expensive city to visit. Hotels and hostels are usually over the average price range, unless it is a
shared room in a hostel. Food and drinks, especially alcoholic beverages, are expensive due to the taxes. Being a student can come in handy sometimes however, as many restaurants take student discounts during lunchtime hours.

Transportation is an additional cost but on the bright side, flights from London with Ryanair can cost as little as £15 for a return. Stockholm is a walking friendly city so you can save your pennies and explore the streets of Stockholm at the same time. It’s best to be prepared – if the weather forecast is not pleasant, you can always buy an underground access card or purchase a season ticket.

The city is a travel winner, in spite of its hefty price tag. With all its beauty in the shape of museums, cuisine delights, green parks and welcoming locals, it would be silly not to take a chance on Sweden’s capital city, Stockholm.

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