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12 Films of Christmas

Indulge your holiday spirit with these 12 Christmas cinema cult classics!

Christmas brings with it the most wonderful time of the year to settle under the duvet, make yourself some delicious hot chocolate and watch the films that we love. Fan favourites, classics, and feel-good films abound, but we here at The Galleon have put together our list of 12 Christmas films to make sure are on your watch list this festive season.

Bad Moms 2

If you are looking for a laugh this Christmas, Bad Moms 2 is the film for you. Our three favourite mums are doing things their own way again, but this time with tinsel. Although, things don’t quite go to plan and festive hilarity ensues when their own mothers arrive unexpectedly. The film is delightfully bawdy but there are also several touching family moments to remind watchers what this time of year is really all about. KM

Home Alone

If you think you’ve had rough Christmases, the trials of Home Alone protagonist Kevin McCallister will probably make you feel a whole lot better. Not only is he forgotten by his family TWICE, but both times he is left at the mercy of hapless villains ‘The Wet/Sticky Bandits’. Luckily, this lad knows a thing or two about hijinks and is able to keep the criminals at bay until they can be brought to justice. Both of the Home Alone originals will surprise and delight you, and will definitely wish you a ‘Merry Christmas, ya’ filthy animal!’ KM

Muppets Christmas Carol

In 19th Century London, the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Yet to Come take mean Ebeneezer Scrooge on a journey that will show him what truly matters in life.
A Muppet adaptation of the classic A Christmas Carol, with Gonzo the Great narrating the tale, and Michael Caine portraying Ebeneezer Scrooge, this film is a delightful mix of Muppets and well known actors that won’t fail to move you and make you smile. GN

Credit: Universal Pictures

Love Actually

Love Actually is everything you could want in a Christmas romcom. Dive in heart first to a sea of interlinking stories, laughs and warming moments. Hopping about between various scenarios such as a wedding, an office party, a retreat to France and a hilariously incongruous school nativity, all helps to keep the movie alive and deliver a charming festive message that love actually is all around us. LD 


Directed by Joe Dante, Gremlins is a cult classic Christmas film for a reason. Its protagonist, Billy Peltzer, is an unsuspecting young adult who is gifted a ‘Mogwai’ named Gizmo and given three rules to look after it. These three rules, as anyone can tell you, are: don’t expose him to bright light, don’t get him wet, and never feed him after midnight. Of course, failing to follow these rules feed the film’s black comedy style. Its use of polarising characters and the juxtaposition of Christmas-time as a backdrop for the carnage result in a refreshing and timeless piece; accompanied by Jerry Goldsmith’s complimentary score. BL

Miracle on 34th Street

This film depicts the charming tale of a department store Santa, played by Richard Attenborough, who turns out to be the real deal! He teaches the six-year old non-believing Susan Walker to understand the meaning of Christmas and the magic of the season. While Santa is embroiled in a court case, the judge Henry Harper falls in love with Susan’s mother and their love becomes the joyous ending to the film on Christmas Day. BN

The Holiday

Two women meet in an online house swap chat room just before Christmas. Both have issues with their romantic relationships, but not with their successful careers. They agree to swap lives for two weeks. Amanda travels to the beautiful English countryside and falls for Iris’ brother, while Iris goes to Los Angeles and falls in love with one of Amanda’s colleagues. Both women end up happy and together for Christmas with their new partners. BN

The Snowman

This beautiful tale of a young boy’s snowman coming to life is a Christmas classic. Join James as he builds his snowman, who comes to life at night, and then travels with them across the world to arrive at the North Pole while Aled Jones’ ‘Walking in the Air’ plays to beautiful hand drawn animation. They then engage in whimsical hijinks with other snowmen, and Santa bestows James with a present. They fly home and James and his Snowman have a tearful goodbye. With no words, this short film can bring joy to any who watch it. BN

Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton’s spooky Christmas animation is a treat for those of you who aren’t ready to leave Halloween behind for the festive season. His stylised characters and the talented directing of Henry Selick have created a unique Christmas tale in which the king of Halloween falls in love with Christmas. As a result, he tries to take the place of Santa Claus; with the help of his ghoulish friends, Father Christmas is kidnapped and hijinks ensue. DB

Santa Claus: The Movie

This classic Christmas film depicts an origin tale of Father Christmas and his battle against the corporate world that threatens to take over the holiday. Along the way an elf named Patch is seduced into helping a ruthless toy manufacturer who only cares about making money, and Santa befriends a young homeless boy and teaches him the values of giving. The combination of real world issues with a candy cane-fuelled car make this a must see this time of year. DB

Harry Potter

Whilst not a typical Christmas film, it’s unlikely in the coming month that you’ll be able to scroll through the channels without wandering across one of the Harry Potter films. The series needs little explanation with its wide scale fame and fandom. It’s safe to say that the books and films are a national treasure, so it’s no wonder that every year they are marathoned on our screens. The knitted jumpers from Mrs Weasley and the winter snow that always makes an appearance certainly prove they are Christmassy in their own right. DB

Die Hard

For some, Die Hard may not be a Christmas film. Those people are wrong. Set on Christmas Eve, New York policeman John McClane (Bruce Willis) visits his wife and daughters at a party in Los Angeles, before getting caught up in a terrorist plot at Nakatomi Plaza, spearheaded by the villainous Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman). What follows is an action-packed, and thrilling adventure, where one man attempts to bring his family together at Christmas, and kill several terrorists along the way. MP

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