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All About Tea- The Perfect Spot for a Winter Warm-Up

A tea for all, this Christmas time

‘Tis the season of baubles, tinsel, and Mariah Carey. But with the big day arriving soon, Christmas shopping soon takes over. To treat yourself, why not pop in somewhere for a warming hot drink on the way back from all that trapsing around the shops? All About Tea is a shop dedicated to what it says on the tin— tea. Situated on Middle Street, this cafe is a hidden gem. It’s just opposite the Eldon Building, only a short walk from University and it’s the perfect place for any tea lover.

All About Tea has blends for every occasion, meaning you’re sure to find the perfect festive drink this season. Just name a flavour and no doubt it is among their many options. Lavender and Chamomile blend will relax you if you need calming. Looking for something a little fresher? Take a look at their mint teas, including Moroccan and Double Mint. If herbal and fruit teas don’t take your fancy, you can order a Portsmouth Tea or a Classic Early Grey. There is also a Bertie’s Blend, inspired by the cocker spaniel that lives there.

“The Christmas Tea is a blend of orange, cloves and cinnamon; all the Christmassy flavours into one.”

Afraid you won’t be able to try all the flavours you’d like to? Don’t worry about it. All About Tea is not only a cafe, but also a factory. All the teas are blended, packaged and sold on site, meaning you can buy as many as you’d like. They have shelves of all the different teas you can take home, from traditional loose leaf to the humble tea bag. Each tea is brewed with care. Most of the teas are made from more than one flavour, such as the Apple and Mango Tea. The aroma of these teas are intense and delicious. You can smell each individual flavour.

Their newest creation, a one-off for this time of year, is the Christmas Tea. It’s a blend of orange, cloves and cinnamon; all the Christmassy flavours into one. This tea smells and tastes delicious. It has a habit of transporting the drinker to Christmas just from the first sip, the perfect drink for Christmas Eve.

Despite the name, tea isn’t the only thing they serve. When you walk into the quaint, little shop you are greeted by the sight of delicious looking cakes; toffee torment, lemon, chocolate brownies. Each cake is beautifully finished and full of flavour. The portions are sliced fresh and brought over to you. If cake is too cold for the wintery, blustery day, All About Tea also has a range of hot food; crumpets, tea cakes and recently, homemade paninis─ including ham and cheese and cheese and marmite. Their brie, bacon and onion chutney panini, however, is perfect this Christmas. Maybe order a pot of the Christmas tea to go with it? A perfect combination.

Surrounded by all the twinkling lights, the light jazz music, and drinking Christmas tea, how could you not feel festive?

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