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Deck the Halls with Veggie Goodies

Are you dreaming of a veggie Christmas?

Is everyone going on about pigs in blankets, turkey, stuffing and gammon slabs too much for you? Vegetarian and running out of options to boast about to your friends? Filled with nuts, grains, vegetable oil, broth and butter, the traditional nut roast might not be your cup of mulled wine. Why not seek an alterative to jingle its way onto your dinner table this year?

Instead of the classic roast you could seek the veggie alternatives to the classic beef wellington. By choosing this savoury pastry dish, you have a choice out of mushroom, halloumi or vegetable wellington, to name a few alternatives, a range of likeable flavours for even the fussiest of relatives.

Even supermarkets are getting in on providing good veggie food this Christmas. From ricotta stacks to butternut squash and sweet potato rosti, M&S could be your vegetarian dream, where you can plan a vegetarian Christmas full of party food, meat replacements and the infamous butternut squash, a fashionable food that is a cross between sweet potato and pumpkin in its soft and sweet flavourings.

If its puddings you’re looking for, you’ll be stealing Santa’s presents straight out of his sack, with Tesco’s hidden veggie treats such as their vegan churros, which are filled with chocolate and hazelnut sauce which can be cooked from frozen- and what’s more, they’re glittery. If you’re wanting a Tesco haul, Tesco also has one of the widest and most traditional varieties of products, including their Portobello Mushroom Wellington. Tesco’s meat replacements mean you can have food just as good as any of your friends are wishing for under their crackers and party hats.

“If you’re feeling like being more DIY this Christmas, there are also some merry recipes sleighing round the internet.”

What would make more of a perfect present that Vegan Ben and Jerry’s? Lucky for you, Ben and Jerry’s has recently released their new range of vegan ice creams just in time for the festive season, especially tasty if you’re planning on a cosy night in watching the old Christmas movies. These ice creams come in most of the well-loved flavours, including Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Peanut Butter and Cookies.

If you’re feeling like being more DIY this Christmas, there are also some merry recipes sleighing round the internet, including pear and goat’s cheese tartlets, mushroom, kimchi and sweet potato pie and cauliflower and stilton soufflé (the latter two from Bruno Loubet). These recipes are said to be celebratory in their rich and complex flavourings and can be made within an hour. They can also serve up to six people, so if you have a whole family of vegetarians going home-made is perhaps the best plan for you.

Never fear, Santa is still here for vegetarians. With the world now more aware of vegetarians and vegans, there is a wider range of options for your diet, way more than the single, slightly soggy vegetables that supermarkets used to presume that vegetarians ate. So get your shopping trolleys lined with tinsel, because, with all these options, this is the season to be hungry.

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