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Self Care This Christmas

Taking care of you, during the festive period

Nothing beats the classic festive feel goods; a new pair of pyjamas, a whimsical Lush bath bomb, a glass of fizz at hand and a Christmas film seeing in the big day. The run up to Christmas can leave anyone feeling wobbly and craze the need to recharge after long days of turmoil, featuring the arguments about who will be allowed to take holiday over the festive period and questioning whether you should be studying if assessments are due as soon as the Spring term commences. These times call for a personal pamper session, something which doesn’t have to be expensive but can leave you feeling relaxed in the lead up.

Discount giant Primark has an overwhelming variety of nightwear up for grabs for as little as £5. The range itself includes satin two pieces, Christmas theme night dresses and an array of Disney and Harry Potter nightwear. Slipping into a new pair of pyjamas is one of life’s many luxuries, so a set of snuggly pj’s will not go a miss, adorned with Disney motifs and Christmas gimmicks, there is no wonder why these sets caught the attention of over 36,000 people on the retailers Instagram when revealed. Primark also include many snuggly socks and slippers to go with the cosy feeling. It’s a match made in heaven.

“During the stress of wrapping gifts and grabbing last minute items, it is important to be aware of self care.”

Not everyone is fond of festive pyjamas so thankfully everyone’s favourite, Topshop, offer gossamers of intricate lace and satin sets which can be mixed and matched with similar colours, patterns and textures. Topshop may seem to be on the more pricier side, especially seeing as pyjamas are only worn in the evening and when in bed, but there is nothing more satisfying than getting into fresh, clean bedsheets in a new pair of jammies. All sets can be bought together or separately and prices start from as little as £8 for pointelle camisoles with other items including a muted lavender satin and lace set priced at £38.

Nothing beats Lush at Christmas time. Scents of cinnamon, sweet orange and patchouli fill the nostrils with nostalgia and tranquility as you float away into a sleepy haze. During the stress of wrapping gifts and grabbing last minute items, it is important to be aware of self care. Having a soak in the bath may seem like a simple task but it allows all senses to be taken care of and as trivial as it sounds, scents are comforting and serve as an avenue to past memories and other experiences. Lush has a variation of products including bath bombs, face masks and bubble bars. All products are free from animal testing and do not harm the environment and humans, making them completely guilt free.

 “Looking after the skin over the festive period is vital.”

Nearly all of the products from Lush are extremely inexpensive making the perfect gift this Christmas for yourself, family or friends. There is an overwhelming amount of gift boxes to choose from which range between £10 and £250, coming in all shapes and sizes. Favourites include the Little Snow Fairy gift box which is priced at £11.50 with the gift box containing two products; a shower gel and jelly bomb. Both items are candy floss scented and are cult products in the Lush Christmas range. The jelly bomb is a new release for the environmentally friendly brand which is said to leave a skin softening jelly blanket across the bath and pink fluffy waters for that long soak. Finish it off with the Snow Fairy dusting powder,  packed with glitter, and slather the body in the Snow Fairy body conditioner. The glitters used in all of the products in Lush do not contribute to any environmental damage as the glitter is not packed with micro-plastics, which are not biodegradable.

For an extra dose of luxury in the bath, get together a tray of goodies including a face mask, bubbles and maybe some chocolate. Exclusive to Topshop, online beauty site Mad Beauty have launched Disney Princess refreshing sheet masks. With the choice of Princess Jasmine, Ariel, Belle and Sleeping Beauty, these masks are packed with natural agents to help soothe and moisturise the skin. Looking after the skin over the festive period is vital, as too much of the wrong food and drink can make your skin lose its glow and suppleness.

“Simply take a few laps around the shopping mall and that is all the exercise needed for the day!”

Following Christmas are the awkward days that loom between Boxing day and New Year’s Eve. No one is sure whether to hold off on the over indulging or whether to carry on and begin the healthier lifestyle until 1st January. Now will probably be the best time to lay off the booze. A cheeky beverage is okay time to time but the more alcohol a person consumes, the more the skin becomes dehydrated, dull and dry. As mentioned, a face mask will make the skin perkier and whilst maintaining a beauty regime can be challenging at times after a boozey Christmas party, the skin should never be neglected.  There are of course easier ways to maintain healthy skin, and that does not have to include any more than 3 steps. The cleansing balm is slowly taking over the beauty sphere, with blogger and Youtubers raving on about their favourite balms from IT cosmetics, Clinique and Elemis. But these are not the best for those wanting to save money. Garnier have released a 3 in 1 cleansing balm as part of their rose botanical range. The balm is packed with natural ingredients designed to use day and night and also as a face mask, protecting the skin from dryness for under a tenner. Use with their natural rose water toner and finish with the rose water moisturiser for even better results.

Another important factor linked with self care over the next month or so is to remain active, not allowing the tubs of Heroes and Twiglets to go straight to the hips. It is likely that gyms are going to be shut over the holidays, but this is not an excuse not to keep moving. Between the shorter days and drop in temperature, any physical activity becomes almost impossible but there are other ways of fitting in exercise which fits around Christmas perfectly. No one can deny how exciting the New Years and Boxing Day sales are and with there being special ticketed events there is no doubt that the sales are going to be huge. Simply take a few laps around the shopping mall and that is all the exercise needed for the day!

Alternatively, there are an overwhelming amount of at home workouts which can easily been done in the lounge away from all Christmas decorations, and can be done with or without equipment. Youtube sensation Cassey Ho, known as Blogilates, posts full length HIIT workouts which are workouts specific to parts of the body. Cassey even has an 8 minute video workout designed to do when watching the TV, so there really is no excuse. If this all too much then a simple light walk after a dinner or in the morning will get the brain and muscles engaged.

Make a date with the bathtub, slip into something comfortable and pour a sensible drink and be prepared to have fun this festive season. The most important thing this Christmas is to stay stress free and to have fun. Do not try to go above and beyond, keep things easy and be content. Drop all tasks which are known to increase stress like Christmas shopping lists and what to wear for Festive nights out because in the end these little things will not matter when the family are gathered to open presents and watch the Queen’s speech.

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