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Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe forced into resignation

The Zimbabwe military and government overthrow Mugabe's four decade reign

Mugabe’s four decade reign, that lasted from the country’s independence through to its economic
collapse, has come to an end after he was forced to resign by Zimbabwe’s military and his own
political party. When his reign began, he was seen as a liberator as he was one of the last heroes of
the anti-colonial struggle, but as it ended, he was seen by many as brutal and autocratic.
Events culminated in Zimbabwe on November 14th when the leaders of the military detained the
then president and took control of the country’s government. This lead to one of the country’s
largest anti-government demonstrations in its history.
Despite refusing to resign at first, days of negotiation led Mugabe to send his letter of resignation
to parliament. The announcement came as a shock during the debates of his impeachment. The
discussion was halted so the announcement could be made – leading the body of people to burst
into cheers.
“The people of Zimbabwe have united to oppose their harsh leader, expressing the hope that this unity would lead to change.”
According to the speaker Jacob Mudenda, Mugabe’s letter said that he was resigning for ‘the welfare
of the people of Zimbabwe and the need for a peaceful transfer of power’. He then announced that
the new president would be named on Wednesday.
For the last week, the people of Zimbabwe have united to oppose their harsh leader,
expressing the hope that this unity would lead to change. Soon after Mugabe’s resignation was
announced, members of the public could be seen dancing on the top of cars and blasting music
while waving the flag of Zimbabwe, One man could even be seen kissing the ground while another
fell to his knees.


Precious Mazayi, the owner of a security company, said ‘I don’t know what will happen tomorrow. I
don’t even know who the president is right now. But for now, let us just celebrate. We have waited
so long for this’
The US embassy of Harare released a statement that called his resignation a ‘historical moment’ for
Zimbabwe and urged them to choose a leader who would let the people ‘voice their opinions
without fear’.
In the following days, Emmerson Mnangagwa was named as the new president. In his inauguration
speech, he praised Mugabe as Zimbabwe’s ‘founding father’. He also stated that ‘he was ready and
willing for a steady re-engagement with all the nations of the world’.
It has since been revealed that Robert Mugabe will receive a $10 million pay off and immunity for him and his family.
Zimbabwe is happy to finally have new leadership, but what does this mean for the future of the country?

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