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Are Dating Apps Slowly Taking Over the World?

Our future: a dystopian dating horror story

There is a simple answer to this: yes, and there is no surprise there whatsoever. Even though tinder is still up there in the hierarchy of dating apps, there are countless wannabe apps that each have something different to bring to the table. We exist in a world where everyone lives on their phones and it is only going to get worse.

“It’s got people wondering, how much control do we have anymore?”

Dating apps have evolved massively, and they are becoming the doorway to change lives for the better and the worse. Dating apps are responsible for many milestones in a person’s life, be that marriage, having children, getting a mortgage, and even heartbreak. And it’s got people wondering, how much control do we have anymore? The majority of communication happens online, decisions we make are often online, and now our relationships and personal lives are progressing online too. We are constantly posting photos of us with our other half, changing relationship status as a way of telling all our friends that we are going to be posting soppy captions from here on in, and soon there will be such a thing as virtual weddings, if there isn’t already.

Is this disturbingly worrying or should we just embrace the future and let it happen? The worry of the future’s technical endeavours were put to light in the new series of the popular Netflix show ‘Black Mirror’. The series features standalone dramas with stories that look into the collective unease about the modern world and an amazing and clever insight into how people could be living their lives in years to come.

“Some don’t take too kindly to the harsh reality of meeting up with a stranger from an app”

The most recent series has an episode called ‘Hang the DJ’ which explores dystopian dating with a system just like our dating apps now that pair compatible people together. However, it has a rather disturbing twist. The story follows a young man and woman that use the app and end up at dinner together; everything seems normal and familiar, but the audience then find out that the app tells you how long your relationship is going to last with this person. Something that you wouldn’t even dream of thinking about whilst swiping left and right on Tinder. Although the episode is very futuristic and maybe even a little far-fetched, it starts to make you think: could this happen in our lifetime? With the ridiculously fast rate in changing technology, these things are certainly possible.

Many people still frown upon this new way of dating and meeting people, especially when people still look at the ‘old fashioned’ way of meeting outside in the real world and talking face to face as romantic and original. Although people are better at admitting where they met their latest beau, some others don’t take too kindly to the harsh reality of meeting up with a stranger from an app. For many younger generations, the idea of simply meeting a future partner in a bar without having connected online previously is becoming alien to them as they are growing up with technology and social media. So naturally, online communication is their way of life. This can be scary and daunting to watch, especially being someone who was born with no such things and had to learn to adapt at an older age. But everyone and everything changes in life and so it is time to learn to adapt to new technology, and embrace it once and for all.

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