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The 2018 Wardrobe Update

Make being in fashion your resolution this year

There is no doubt that the month of January was brought about for no other reason than new beginnings and fresh starts. Whilst many cringe at the site of ‘new year, new year’ phrases being thrown around social media sites, and adverts on TV featuring the latest fad diet or celebrity workout DVD, many may, in fact, agree that there are some aspects of life that need refreshing, such as one’s financial status. However, there is always one thing that follows immediately from Boxing day sales and a ton of Topshop vouchers from Granny and Grandpa- and that is a new wardrobe.

Fashion thrives on the new, the old and recycling and there are a wealth of trends just waiting to be embraced this year. Before anyone thinks of hitting the high street in the hope of reinventing themselves, it is best to start at home. Begin by completely emptying the wardrobe and honestly consider whether it is worth holding onto that plunging neck bodycon dress or strappy diamante heels from prom. If it is something that the Hadid sisters could not even pull off then forget about it. There is no point holding onto items which rarely make the cut and have not seen daylight in at least 5 years. This will also save a heap of room in the wardrobe ready for new pieces waiting to be snapped up.

“Social media sites including Instagram and Pinterest are best for pinning items for daily inspo”

Now there is no denying that everyone, including men, stick to what they know as being safe, this can be the colour black, skinny jeans or leggings. Rethinking safe items is the perfect way to begin refreshing the wardrobe. Small changes can really make all the difference. This could be as easy as opting for an item with a bit more colour, a different texture or even adding accessories. Changing one item daily when heading to university or hitting the shops could mean the difference between someone scrolling past an OOTD or a double tap on Instagram- it has to at least be worth it.

Not everyone is comfortable with their outfit choices and will struggle to find inspiration from time to time, but behold, social media sites including Instagram and Pinterest are best for pinning items for daily inspo. Be aware of styles which are comfortable, whether that be casual or informal and search key terms on Pinterest. Doing this takes away the pressure of having to put together new outfits daily as boards on Pinterest work as mood boards. Once a board has been put together, start pulling out items from the wardrobe that are similar to the look desired, pair shoes and accessories to the look and even take pictures of the outfit as a way of remembering previous outfit ideas.

Moving onto the first trend of the year. According to Pantone, the colour of the year will be ‘Ultra Violet’ and since this announcement, the fashion and design industry has gone crazy. The rich, blue-toned purple hue is absolutely essential in updating looks this year as colour blocking makes its way back onto catwalks. Wearing such a bold colour is never easy and can be introduced to the wardrobe gradually, in accessories or shoes to avoid looking like a Dairy Milk bar. Browsing purple items when online is an ideal way of selecting items that are comfortable and not too daring. There is no point in diving into the unknown and purchasing a pair of purple patent booties if they will never be worn.

Purple itself is one of those colours which compliment all skin tones, is seasonless and those who are not all over the ultraviolet trend can try pastel purples and lavender. When the summer comes, pastel purples can be mixed with other pastels such as mint, which always makes the colour palette. Take Victoria Beckham as an example; she wore a pair of lavender purple pumps at her SS18 presentation last year in New York. Beckham wore the pumps with a simple white tee and dark denim boyfriend jeans, demonstrating how a pop of colour injected into an outfit can be completely effortless and still be chic.

Fashion would not be fashion without the mentioning of a staple item from at least 10 years ago, and this year is all about the cycling shorts. Kim Kardashian spotted this one a while ago, pairing them with tailored suit jackets, turtleneck sweaters and hoodies, all from her husband Kanye West’s line. Other celebrities including Bella Hadid followed Kardashian-West in these close-fitting shorts and were then seen everywhere from Saint Laurent’s S18 show to Dolce & Gabbana in October last year.

The cycling shorts are a perfect item for layering with oversized shirts and jumpers and can be worn both casually like Kim or with a pair of transparent heels. Transparent pieces, another trend that was seen on Kardashian West is also set to reign over 2018 so upgrade shoes and bags along with clothing. The weather may still be in sub-zero temperatures in the UK but as the winter months draw to a close the cycling short will become an essential item when transitioning between seasons due to their versatility. Some may say cycling shorts are the new leggings, minus the unbearably visible panty lines.

“Flares are making their comeback”

One trend that no one expected to see continue into the new year is the balloon sleeve, however, this year they are getting bigger. The breezy, cute silhouette can be bought flared, balloon-like or ruffled and are a match made in fashion heaven when worn with dark denim or even underneath a corduroy pinafore dress. When wearing balloon sleeves, it is imperative that the sleeves are the part of the outfit that does all the talking. Accessories should be minimal and not attract too much attention away from the outfit. Many balloon sleeved items on the high street are adorned with beautiful embellished flowers, metal accents gathering fabric around the waist and come in the most perfect of colours. Like other items everyone will have their hands on, this piece will also be perfect when hitting the warmer months. Topshop is bursting at the seams with their selection of balloon sleeved pieces, including cobalt blue roll neck jumpers, lace panel dresses and bardot crop tops;  there is plenty to choose from.

Throwing it back to the 70’s, flares are making their comeback. Fashion moguls have already been wearing cropped kick-flare jeans throughout the most of 2017, however, this year they are back in full force. Online retailer Pretty Little Thing has over 140 pairs to choose from in variations of colour, fit and patterns. They may not be to everyone’s taste but as Pretty Little Thing is still holding their crazy post boxing day sales and are selling jersey style flares for as little as £5, it would be crazy not to give them a go.

Gone are the days of wearing flares with oversized bug-eye sunglasses and Balenciaga city handbags. Bloggers have been seen wearing flares with simple slogan t-shirts and trainers for maximum comfort. Flares would not be flares without platform heels and a floaty vintage blouse and Missguided offer super dark denim flares for only £22. Pair these high waisted flares with a suede shearling jacket or leather biker jacket and this 70’s must-have can be instantly updated for that ultimate Farrah Fawcett, girl next door look. Dark denim is also another must have this year as seen by American designer Tom Ford and if this luxury powerhouse can manipulate Rhianna into wearing dark double denim, then there should not be a problem for anyone else.

“Being well dressed should be the top of everyone’s resolutions list this year”

Just as everyone thought they had seen the last of the tinsel-tastic festive season and unnecessary clouts of fabric and tassels, the fashion world is heading into the future and with metallic tinsel-esque fringing. First seen in collections by Spanish designer, Paco Rabanne, this ‘the more the better’ trend is the key in updating anyone’s wardrobe when entering 2018. Although it is not something anyone would expect to see when on a casual trip to the supermarket, opting for small amounts of metallic glory in the form of a skirt or top will become a staple piece when going out and for the rest of this season. Like the other trends mentioned, it is also important to keep everything understated, so wear a plain counterpart to the outfit and avoiding statement jewellery.

Whilst 2018 is a time for new beginnings minus the stress, it has always been imperative for millennials to be ‘stressed, but well dressed’ and being well dressed should be the top of everyone’s resolutions list this year. Styling is meant to be simplistic yet comfortable and the mentioned trends ensure that. Aim to show confidence in clothing this year and do not be afraid of pairing dark indigo flares or ‘ultraviolet’ wide-leg culottes into a casual outfit and let this be the year of experimentation.

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