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Travel Local and Be A Tourist in Brighton

'Pier' into the wonderful city that is Brighton.

Too many people consider the idea of travelling involves jetting off to the farthest corners of the Earth and experiencing all things exotic, adventurous and getting that ‘once in a lifetime’ feeling.

But not so fast. Not everyone has a disposable income the size of Spinnaker Tower. Student loans can only stretch so far after rent, bills, food shops and other necessities.

“Think Amsterdam meets London meets Weston-Super-Mare”

All those euphoric feelings of travel and adventure can still be felt right on our doorstep in the UK. Not enough travelling and sight-seeing happens in our homelands and we are far too quick to fly off into the sun to get that adrenaline travel feeling elsewhere.

Some may be surprised to consider that Brighton can be all of those things. Ok, perhaps not the most exotic part considering the trusty British weather, but The Lanes, array of whacky museums and abundance of fresh and traditional local parks and cafés are a simple equation of what makes Brighton, Brighton.

Think Amsterdam meets London meets Weston-Super-Mare. It sounds risky, but the coastal city’s alluring features are enough to make anyone impressed with its mix of cosmopolitan bohemia and picture perfect seaside postcard spirit.

Brighton is not just well known for its London-by-the-sea charm, but being the city to have the UK’s only Green Party MP, biggest gay scene and some of the craziest beach raves; it’s enough for anyone to want to seek what else this diverse and creative city has to offer.

Traditionally, the first stop should be Brighton’s famous Pier. Not the burnt out one though. One may consider Brighton’s Pier to be the most obvious tourist trap of all tourist traps across the country, except, perhaps, for the London Eye.

But it is a must do and is the ultimate pleasure pier, offering your typical seaside attractions; arcades, candy floss, souvenirs and more. No trip to any city or town is complete without visiting its star attraction, and this Pier is no different. It’s open all year round, even on those chilly, rainy winter days.

For a different perspective of Brighton, find your way through the knotted passageway of hidden gems that are The Lanes. Discover the myriad of independent boutique shops, jewellers, gift shops, quirky cafes, street art, outdoor market stalls and diverse range of arts and crafts.

As they are sometimes otherwise known as The Laines, it is an essential part of any visit to Brighton. If not for the shops, cafes and pubs, it does well as a great little spot for people watching or for simply picking up an unusual staple holiday momento instead.

In the North Lanes, it would be silly not to venture and admire the creative and free spirited graffiti where the street art is at its absolute best.

And not forgetting Choccywoccydoodah – try saying that three times fast – located in the South Lanes. It is a sophistication of art meets chocolate under one roof. Its cakes, chocolates and all things sweet are almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

Keeping to the classic theme of food and drink, The Bluebird Tea Co., located in Gardner Street is one of only five other stores throughout the country famous for its credible and award winning Tea Mixology.

“The opportunity to travel far and wide needn’t be so far and wide when the destination is just over an hour down the road”

As a nation of tea lovers, it is only fitting to give the place a visit to take in the aromas of all things tea. Flavours range from ‘Moondrop Dreams’ to ‘Hot Mama Jama’. Intrigued? You should be. With over 70 tasty tea blends to choose from, The Bluebird Tea Co. fulfils every tea craving desire possible.

Staying close by, Komedia Brighton stands out from the crowd in the middle of Gardner Street. It hosts comedy nights, household names, upcoming artists, as well as cabaret shows and club nights. Its appearance is something which wouldn’t be out of place on the Las Vegas Strip, but still manages to maintain an ooze of a classic American 50s diner vibe.

Not forgetting another of Brighton’s distinctive and remarkable landmark either. Well known for its exotic and oriental appearance with Indian influences both inside and outside, the Royal Pavilion could well be the missing part of the far travelled adventure which needn’t cost a mini fortune, nor spend several hours flying in the sky to see. Open daily and tickets cost £12.60.

The opportunity to travel far and wide needn’t be so far and wide when the destination is just over an hour down the road, and doesn’t charge you baggage when boarding, and above all can be easily explored in one day.

Considering the student loan can only stretch so far, it can be a refreshing mind-set to discover and travel the cities and towns closer to home too.

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