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What is Sustainable Beauty?

It's time to talk facts


No one would believe that the biggest threat to the fashion realm and any other industry is sustainability. As creative directors and assistant designers share ideas and inspiration for upcoming collections, the materials and components have to be carefully used throughout. This is not for the sake of the finished garment but for the scrutiny received from activists, and the media ensuring that no harm has been made to the environment or animals during the creative process. Whilst the designers pay attention to sustainability, it covers so much more than just fashion and food. Eco-powerhouses such as Lush cosmetics and The Body Shop are taking lead in the beauty industry to ensure that cosmetics and other beauty items are completely sustainable.

“Lush put the power of sustainability in the consumers hands”

Lush works on the premise that all ingredients used in their products are ethically sourced, not tested on animals and any packaging used can either be reused, recycled or returned in exchange for other products. Guilt free pamper routines have never been easier when it comes to Lush. Cult products including the brands handmade fresh beauty masks are a must have for anyone who loves the occasional ‘me’ time. The most famous of the masks, Mask of Magnaminty, designed to exfoliate and tackle outbreaks, can be brought in their self preserving formula increasing its shelf life for another few months. With these masks, Lush offers a deal where if 5 masks are brought, they will give a free one in exchange for the empty pots.

Other products from Lush are also self preserving including their cosmetics and shower gels. Lush put the power of sustainability in the consumers hands as well as their own by making buyers aware of the damages to the environment through the use of harmful plastics and not by recycling. All caps from shower gels can also be taken into store for them to be reused and re-loved. Now is the time to be stocking up on as many Lush products as desired.

“Skincare brand 1001 Remedies commit to only using natural and organic ingredients”

Like Lush, The Body Shop are also forever against animal testing and aim to be environmentally sustainable. For those who are vegan, The Body Shop really does provide. Almost all of their products are vegan friendly from their infamous tea tree range to their cosmetics. For Portsmouth University students, The Body Shop has a store in shopping outlet Gunwharf Quays meaning there are always intriguing amounts of offers on products for a fraction of the retail price. The Body Shop has put sustainability at the heart of their business for the last 3 years and frequently publishes update reports on how they have taken the steps in become a sustainable global business. Community Trade is also at the heat of The Body Shop, ensuring they do not test on animals. They believe that there needs to be long lasting relationships with those who work and source ingredients for this business.

For those who wish to spend a little bit more on beauty products, French skincare brand 1001 Remedies commit to only using natural and organic ingredients and essential oils used to promote wellness and healing. Like other skincare brands, 1001 Remedies focuses products on specific skin types, targeting anti-ageing, hair and skin repair and young skin. As the prices of their products are on the more pricey side, they do offer gifts focused on the mentioned skin types. This may be a little bit more beneficial to the bank account of people who are looking for more luxurious, sustainable skin care but without the overly expensive price tag. The brand is still fairly new the UK and is yet to be taken under the wing by other big beauty retailers so all products at the moment can only be purchased from their own website.

If this article was going to prove anything, it would be that sustainability is not as difficult as people would think. Sustainable products are easily accessible and the power is now being put into the consumers hand to change the ways in which beauty products are purchased. It is important that the consumer knows what they are purchasing as it’s commonly thought that products that are advertised as organic and natural fall under the sustainable umbrella, however that is in fact a misconception. Understanding how sustainability can work allows the planet to flourish and really should be spoken about on a daily basis.

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