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Ammolite Café: The Only Malaysian Café in Portsmouth

Time to try something a bit different, this Spring...

The ‘Beast from the East’ has blasted through the streets of Portsmouth and will hopefully take winter away once it melts. In a few days’ time, the commencement of the spring season will come along with blooming tulips, blackbirds chirping and chocolate Easter eggs in the hands of every child. We can start shedding our thick winter coats and put on our bomber jackets and trench coats. Spring is the best time for spring cleaning and trying something new; whether that be an activity, shopping somewhere new or eating some new cuisine.

“The café is the hotspot for trying homemade Malaysian delicacies”

Just like the ‘ammolite crystal’ suggests, the Ammolite Café is a one-of-a-kind café. Stroll through the centre of Portsmouth, behind Cascades Shopping Centre, to experiment your taste buds and satisfy your belly with a fulfilling Southeast Asian meal. The café is a hotspot for trying homemade Malaysian delicacies that will certainly have you ordering more and planning your trips to Commercial Road around it.

Most of the main dishes are heavy foods such as rice and noodles alongside all sorts of meat and vegetables. Although the café provides authentic Malaysian food, you can find a mixture of other Asian style meals that are Korean and Chinese. A few of the popular dishes include the Korean Forces Hot Pot that you can order for two people. Some of the most popular meals would be the House Special Chicken Chop and Rice along with the Curry Laksa. Along with a selection of traditional sides and appetizers including chicken satay and Indian style roti, there is something for everyone.

To compliment the variety of delicacies, the café provides a range of unique drinks such as the Matcha Green Tea Latte, the Michael Jackson; composed of soya milk and glass jelly, and Teh Tarik. As well as these traditional drinks there are also your standard soft drinks and authentic tea available.

One of the desserts you can look forward to in the summer is the Malsyian shave ice or ABC Ice Kacang. A true selection of delectable sweets sure to please anyone. However good the Ammolite Café may be, most of the meals do involve meat so any substitutions would need to be addressed if you are looking for vegetarian or vegan options.

Luckily, the café’s staff are very kind and understanding in regards to any dietary requirements. They are happy to make any changes that you may require if it is available. So, come down to Commercial Road and try the delicious delicacies that can only be found at the Ammolite Café, the only Malaysian restaurant in Portsmouth.


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