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Brain Food

It's time to fuel one of the things you'll be using most this term: your brain

With exams and deadlines looming just around the corner what kind of food should you be eating and what is the best food for maximum brain power?

Although you may feel like binging on chocolate when you’re stressed, or at the very least comforting yourself with a hot bucket of greasy chicken wings, eating the opposite will cause you to feel less stressed. Countless studies have proved that how you react and deal with stress can be countered and helped by the food we consume. We are what we eat, after all. However, in the depths of the deadline abyss, you will probably believe that you don’t have time to eat the right food. Who has time to be Jamie Oliver when they’re aiming for a first, right? These healthy foods, however, are both simple to prepare and will instantly boost your brain power and reduce your stress levels.


Grab a handful of blueberries at the start of your day, sprinkled over your muesli or as a snack between meals, and you are sure to have increased brain power, as well as, apparently, a couple of inches off your waist line. Not only do blueberries reduce the chances of getting age related diseases such as Alzheimer’s, but blueberries also stop the brain’s levels of oxidative stress, increasing your ability to learn as well as your motor skills. Blueberries are one of the easiest and best brain foods, having a range of affects on your brain, and to your five-a-day.

Seeds and Nuts

No brain power article would be complete without a mention of these notoriously healthy foods. Although these may not sound like the most appetising foodstuffs, put in a salad, these could become tasty morsels, as well as increasing levels of vitamin E in your brain, which is proved to help cognitive abilities, and even protect your brain for the future.


Avocados are great for brain health. They increase blood flow and decrease blood pressure, all things that can be irritated by stress, as well as being renowned for their ability to improve memory and concentration. Lower blood pressure is also connected to a healthy, and less stressed, brain and so this superfood can improve cognitive powers. Spread them on toast or use as a side, and you have a multipurpose fruit that can be used for many occasions.


Broccoli is also incredibly high in vitamins, such as vitamin c (eating half a cup of broccoli gives you half of your needed vitamin C each day) and vitamin k, and choline, and will leave you feeling too full of all those burgers, as its high fibre content makes you feel full quicker.

Dark Chocolate

And for the typical, vegetable hating student, the final contender is dark chocolate. Less of a demon that its milkier relative, dark chocolate has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities and also increases blood flow to the brain, and that in turn makes for a better brain. If you opt for dark chocolate, try to buy a chocolate with over 70% cocoa, as this is the best percentage with which to receive the benefits.

Food is an extremely important factor of everyday life, and, with the right knowledge, it can also be used to get our bodies to maximum energy levels, brain power, and positive thinking. Just don’t skip breakfast.


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