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The Results are in: University’s new Sabbatical Officers voted in

Thursday March 1st marked the last day of campaigning and the results of the 2018/19 student elections. After a long week of campaigning in the snow, the results of our newest sabbatical officers have been realised. Surprisingly Thursday night had a good turnout despite the ‘Beast from the East’ causing mass travel disruptions and severe weather warnings.

First to be appointed with 2,497 votes was Moises Frias as VP of activities. Frias was in the unique position of only being up against the threat of ‘no suitable candidate’ which had 600 votes. Some of Frias ideas include increasing student feedback, enhancing employability skills and improving off-campus partnerships.

Winner for VP of education and democracy was George Pykov with 1,691 votes out of 3,181 votes. Pykov was up against four other candidates and hopes to create a scheme to create your own timetable, bring in keynote speakers and subsidise core textbooks. In his speech he said, ‘I just want to thank Amy Moulds and my housemates’.

VP of Sports was awarded to Charlotte ‘Bean’ Beany who won a whopping 2,027 votes out of 3,697. Charlotte was up against five other candidates and hopes to create a scheme so students have the opportunity to become a referee/umpires, as well as having a re-freshers in January to gain more members and to utilise the Media, Film and TV department. In a very tearful speech, Beany gave a ‘massive thank you to my campaign teams and everyone who voted for me’.

Sophie Butler was appointed the role of VP of welfare and community with 1,702 votes out of 3,220. Butler was up against four other candidates and hopes to encourage local communities and societies to come together to raise awareness of important issues such as sexual assault, drug taking and mental health. Butler also hopes to work with local food businesses to increase the number of vegan options across campus and to create an anonymous forum where students can ask other students for advice. Butler’s winning was met with chants from her very lively support network.

Our new president was against seven other candidates and with 2,154 votes out of 4,066 is Violet Karapaseva. Karapaseva is the first president in two years not to be called James and the first female president since 2012 commenting that it has been ‘too long for a female’. Karapaseva hopes to have lectures recorded and initiate a swipe card system to register attendance even if students go to a different session. She also hopes to increase the number of bus stops and introduce more buses during peak times. Lastly, she wants to create workshops focusing on stress, anxiety and procrastination as well as creating a student recreational space for those who are no longer in halls and lack community space. ‘The most exciting thing was going up to anyone and them saying I’m already voting for you’ she said. After being asked what she would like to do now that she had won Karapaseva told the Galleon, ‘I want to rest, it’s been such a long week. Everyone has gone home and had a chance to look really nice and I’m still in my campaign clothes from earlier.’

Photo credits: Mike Cooter – Make Light Work Ltd

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