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Easy Summer Trends This Spring/Summer

WWW: the Warm Weather Wardrobe

The summer months are now just an arms length away. Summer holidays have been booked, bikini bodies are on their way but the one thing that people are stumped for is the perfect warm weather wardrobe. Whilst a majority of spring/summer clothes have been in stores since early February, the weather has not exactly been long cocktail induced evenings in the Maldives, so no one has felt in the Summer mood to be buying cute denim shorts or crop tops. There are a number of trends to hit the stores this season and quite a lot of them have been obvious, for example pastels and florals, however a number of them completely nostalgic and somewhat bizarre.

“On the high street chains website, models are seen wearing these pastel pant suits with mismatching shades, accessories and spotty bandeau tops”

Beginning with the simplest – pastels. Otherwise known ice cream shades. Seen in spring/summer shows by Victoria Beckham and Hermes, softer hues are really easy to pull off. At this present moment, influencers and stylists are going crazy for well structured pant suits which can be found in an assortment of colours and patterns. The pantsuit is an iconic item and should really be in everyone’s wardrobe. The two separates are extremely versatile, allowing them to be worn together or separately and are both ideal for summer weddings or to quickly throw on with a pair or trainers and a slogan t-shirt. Topshop offer pant suits starting from £70. Whilst this may seem a little too much to be spending on a pair of cigarette trousers and a blazer, this combination will last its owner right through to next summer. On the high street chains website, models are seen wearing these pastel pant suits with mismatching shades, accessories and spotty bandeau tops.


For the upcoming festivals, cowboy boots are becoming a pretty big hit. Usually paired with denim, these boots can be worn with a chiffon floral dress or pair with a basic tee and a pair of shorts. The cowboy boots made their return in Fendi’s autumn/winter show in brights yellows and snake skin. This specific pair may not be to anyone’s taste but more traditional pairs can be found on both the Missguided and Topshop sites for as little as £30. Go crazy and pair the boots with fringe or florals and maybe a little bit of glitter and they will become a staple piece in your wardrobe for lazy sunny afternoons and at festivals.

The trend that no one wanted to see again, apart from being worn when swanning round an airport or sitting below Dads prominent beer belly on the beach, is of course the bum bag. Surprisingly the return of the bumbag is not that bad. Gucci is taking the lead with this trend and have morphed current bag designs such as their classic Marmont bag and vintage brown print and have taken everyone by surprise. The Guccia Marmont Matlesse belt bag is pricey at £795 but many high street stores have taken their own spin on this bag by using primary colours such as greens and yellows and added detailed motifs. This accessory goes perfectly with summer dresses and light blue washed jeans. Again the perfect item for festival season and ideal for carrying around any devices, a signature lippy and any change spare after purchasing this new fad in every shape, colour and size.

“For easy options just stick to the classic floral tea dress or pale hues of pinks, yellow and blues”

Yes it maybe spring/summer but it is important that everyone has a little something to put over the shoulders. If the British weather is anything to go by there is bound to be those days where there is a bit of a chill in the air and someone is in need of something light to keep them warm. The best item to opt for is the favourite, classic trench coat. These beauties can literally be worn with absolutely anything and come in different lengths and colours. The coat is always seen on the runway and quite possibly will never ever go out of style. To accentuate the waist, the coat can also be paired with a bum bag to show of the silhouette.

One trend no one is quite sure about is feathers and marabou trimmings. Seen in both the Calvin Klein and Yves Saint Laurent shows, these pieces of fluff were used to decorate parts of garments around the neck, arms and on the chest. The fashion world might not expect anyone to try and pull this trend off but it can be introduced into evening wear or everyday casual wear in accessories. Either opt for a cute, fluffy clutch bag with a chain strap which can be picked up from Pretty Little Thing for £25 or go for a pair of strappy sandals with fluff across the foot from Dorothy Perkins or Missguided. Easy.

All in all, summer fashion trends are completely versatile and can not ever be wrong. For easy options just stick to the classic floral tea dress or pale hues of pinks, yellow and blues. Whilst it is easy to only worry about what to wear in this weather, it is also important to ensure safety by wearing appropriate footwear, wearing a pair of sunglasses to protect the eyes from the sun and the most obvious making sure sun protection is worn all the time. Being cute is essential but no one looks cute with bright red skin and awkward tan lines from being out in the sun for too long. Pack that suitcase, apply the fake tan and prepare for the summer of a life time.

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