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Sugar tax leads to increase in fizzy drink prices

Rising pant sizes has lead to drastic measures

The worst tax ever has finally been implemented. The end of the world is nigh. The sugar tax, coming into effect on April 6th 2018, will see an increase in the price of drinks with high amounts of added sugar. For drinks with 5-8 grams of added sugar, the tax will be 18p per litre and for over 8 grams, the tax will be 24p. Whilst this may not break your bank anytime soon, this will noticeably affect drink prices and even how drinks taste, with many companies avoiding the tax by changing their recipe. While this may be good for the health of our sugar-addicted population, many people have been criticising the lack of effectiveness the tax will have, suggesting that this will not stop consumers from buying fizzy drinks. Instead, many suggest that it would be better to reduce the cost of more healthy food and drinks.

“Taxes like these are effective at decreasing obesity and the levels of fizzy drinks.”

Whilst the original plan was to stop childhood obesity, the tax could benefit many children as funds from the tax, estimated to make 500 million a year, are going to go towards children’s sports and breakfast clubs, necessities to health that many children lack access to.

It has already had a positive effect on many drinks, with many big supermarkets like Tesco, Asda and Morrisons announcing that they will be reducing sugar levels to below 5 grams in their own brand drinks. Many other companies are also set to replace sugar with sweeteners, which would greatly decrease sugar content. Sugar-free alternatives to your favourite drinks are exempt however, such as Coke Zero.

However, do not fear if you are worried about your breakfast drinks like fruit juice and milkshakes. Due to the benefits of naturally occurring high levels of sugar in juice, fruit juice is exempt, along with milkshakes, which contain a lot of calcium which is good for bone growth and general health.

From the experience of other countries who have put similar measures in place, taxes like these are effective at decreasing obesity and the levels of fizzy drinks.

So, while you may all be crying over the new taxes, do not fear. You will still be able to consume your favourite fizzy drink for only a few pennies more, or maybe your favourite sugary beverage will actually get healthier for you, giving you both the choice and the means to drink as many sugary drinks as you wish.

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