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Why Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Is On Solid Ground In Hollywood Right Now

Johnson was the second highest paid actor in Hollywood in 2017 with $65m in earnings

It’s no secret in Hollywood that if you’re looking to draw a crowd for a planned movie, you get an A-list actor on board. In years gone by, we’ve had charismatic faces like Ryan Reynolds with the Deadpool movies and Robert Downey Jr. in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, stretching all the way back to Harrison Ford during the height of Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Blade Runner. Actors had presence and charisma, interacting with their audiences in a way that made them not just enjoy the movie, but relish the experience. Looking at Hollywood today, one could seriously argue the case for Dwayne Johnson to be added to that list.

Dwayne Johnson has had a really good few years in terms of moviemaking, starring as the voice of lovable and mischievous demi-god Maui in Disney’s seafaring sing-a-long Moana, becoming a part of the long-standing Fast and Furious franchise, as well as being the face of the revamped Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and Rampage movies. That’s without mentioning that Johnson has done some stellar work on the small screen also, raking in the ratings and viewing figures for HBO with his big-money show, Ballers, and hosting the season finale of American late-night comedy show, Saturday Night Live.

During his appearance on the show, Johnson was presented with a traditional robe to commemorate his fifth time on hosting duty, and jokingly announced his bid to run for President in 2020, introducing Tom Hanks as his running mate. The crazy thing is, both he and Hanks have the charisma and charm to make it seem believable.

It would appear as though The Rock can make almost anything into a hit these days. Rampage, his latest cinematic offering, is based on an arcade video game where you take control of either a giant gorilla, lizard, or wolf, and attempt to destroy the city before you turn back into a human. From early reviews, it appears Johnson has come up trumps with another blockbuster that may not win any Oscars but is tremendous fun. When you consider the movies he’s yet to appear in that have been announced, it seems as though The Rock is on steady ground to keep making good movies.

His upcoming releases include DC superhero flick Black Adam, in which he’ll play the titular role, and Skyscraper where he’ll play the role of a war veteran framed for a building blaze whilst trying to save his family. Other announcements and rumours include a potential appearance as Black Adam in the Suicide Squad sequel, as well as sequels to Jumanji and San Andreas.

Johnson has had a stellar few years in front of the camera, and with his incredible work ethic, appreciation for his fans, and drive to make them happy with his films, it is hard to see that big, beautiful, bald-headed man putting a foot wrong anytime soon.

Photo Credit: Dope Magazine

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