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Dear Hollywood, Stop Giving Women Men’s Old Hand-Me-Downs

First we had the ‘Ghostbusters’ remake, then a ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ remake and now a ‘High Fidelity’ remake. I am not angry at the fact that these are being rebooted with female leads instead of male leads because they are female leads. I am old enough to know that just because you lack a little something swinging between your thighs does not mean you automatically are going to be ‘bad’ at providing the same performance quality. No, I am just angry that Hollywood is so stuck, incestuous and blatantly out of ideas that it is giving women the roles previously worn by men.
This does not signify equality. It is not a case of ‘well boys had a Ghostbusters and now girls do so they are the same’, it is about that writers should be doing a better job at representing women across the board and it is being let down by lazy executives. I am so sorry that you may have to think for a little bit longer without playing with yourself under the table until you come up with a proper idea for a film that features strong female characters.

Another easy solution is to have more female writers and directors. This is something that has always seem rather challenging for Hollywood and created this idea that is difficult to be a female as a writer and director within the system. The only way to stop this is to make an active decision to integrate women into the filmmaking process. Writers and directors need to take a step away from the stereotypes and archetypes of female characters as being either ‘princess’ or ‘witch’, there is more to women
than that.

This is very different in non-traditional, non-Hollywood systems such as with Netflix content which is a lot more open and willing to express different points of view. We also see that this is different in television as well as independent cinema, there is a level of acceptance in non-traditional narratives and forms of story telling that is refreshing and often described as ‘bold’ and ‘fresh’.

As previously mentioned in an article I wrote a few months ago (‘Why I Love To Hate Hannah Horvath’), Lena Dunham’s ‘Girls’ is arguably a pretty precise representation of female characters in modern America. There is a range of ages, body types, skill levels and they are all motivated and flawed in unique and different ways. Yet Hollywood is still caught in the notion of unoriginal ideals at what women want or should be.

Recently it was revealed that an all female version of ‘The Lord Of The Flies’ was also being considered. The argument for it was that while the original source text showcased how young boys were all capable of bad things as part of their human nature and that the viciousness of man is unescapable. It was seen that with an island full of girls the events would be different from the original text. To some it seemed that an island full of girls would manage to cope better with the situation at hand.

In my opinion the events that fall upon an island of children, whether they feature twelve year old boys of girls, would still lead to a range of pretty horrific events happening and at least one child dead. The big problem with re-writing ‘The Lord Of The Flies’ but with girls is that this is again something that exists in the world already. Absolutely no creative thought or process has gone into this. It is like me saying I am doing to do a gender-swap version of ‘Clueless’ because we do not have enough films about white men falling in love with white women.


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