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A Right Royal Announcement

Baby fever is taking over at the palace...

On Monday 15th October, Kensington Palace announced that the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan, is expecting a baby due in early spring. The news came after the world was speculating on Friday after the couple arrived at Windsor Castle, with Meghan in a loose-fitting coat- a contrast to her usual fitted outfits.

Although a Prince will father the baby, they will not be a Prince or Princess themselves. This is due to a decree that was put in place to slim down the monarchy a century ago. This decree stated that only the first living child of the oldest living child, of the oldest living child of the monarch is to be given the title of Prince or Princess. Technically this would mean that it would only be Prince George, Prince William’s first-born, with the title of Prince. However, shortly before George was born in 2013, the Queen issued another decree stating that all of William and Kate’s children would have the title prefixed to their Christian names. As it stands currently, Harry and Meghan’s baby will not follow suit unless the Queen steps in with another decree.

Harry and Meghan, who has had her 12-week scan, are currently on a royal tour of Australia and New Zealand and it is said that their itinerary will not change after the news broke. We wish them all the best and look forward to welcoming a new member of the Royal Family into the world.

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