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How to live a healthy student lifestyle

The student lifestyle will always be testing - but that doesn't mean we can't make it easier on ourselves with a few changes

With the fitness business soaring and the market development set to increase to 22 billion by 2020 (Statista, 2018), it seems like almost everyone these days is focused on being ‘healthy’. This may be getting the perfect body at the gym, clean eating or raving about the newest juice cleanse. But all of this can seem pretty overwhelming when living the student way of life makes paying for food a challenge, let alone a PureGym membership. However, there are some small lifestyle changes you can make to benefit your health and wellbeing as a student.

If you can’t afford the gym, running is free! Go for a jog down by Southsea Common, there are plenty of simple routes down by the seafront. If you’re new to the running world, try doing short runs regularly.

Don’t cut out carbs completely – ease yourself into it by swapping white bread and pasta for brown and wholegrain. You won’t bloat half as much.

On the topic of bloating, swapping regular milk for soya milk shows a difference. Soya milk is naturally sweet anyway, so it also counts as a small substitution for sugar in tea or coffee. And we all know how much we students need caffeine! Dairy in general isn’t good for your skin, so cutting down may mean you can ease up on selfie photoshopping.

An oldie but a goldie – eat more fruit and veg! For meals, have less pasta or chips, and more veg and salad. For a quick snack, an apple doesn’t go amiss (and of course it’ll keep the doctor away).

Reminder – don’t eat less! Under-eating is just as bad as overeating. Rather than cutting down to smaller portions, substitute the bad for the good. The more veg, the better!

Cut down on the Ubers and walk more (unless it’s dark!)

Have some alone time – university life can be manic, what with going out, attending lectures and late night visits to the library. However, it’s healthy to give yourself time alone to rewind and chill. Everyone needs to recharge their batteries, so try and remember to de-stress yourself by having a bath, binge watch some films and take some naps whilst listening to music. Every long journey requires some breaks, and university is quite the journey!

Remember to be mentally healthy as well as physically. Being fit is great, but balance your physical workload and chill time. If you’re trying to balance an intense fitness routine, the stress load isn’t worth it. Learn how to work your body and mind but be gentle at the same time.

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