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Spiderman Review – More than enough to get the Spidey Senses tingling

Insomniac tread familiar territory with Spiderman but it's hard not to get won over by the vastly-improved graphics and combat features

Spiderman ― PS4

Recently I have been sinking my teeth into Insomniac’s highly anticipated PlayStation exclusive, Spiderman and despite having a slight feeling of Deja-vu, the game itself certainly lives up to the hype that Sony has been drumming up in the last few months. My first thought when starting the game is that, straight away, the world of New York is stunning. Whatever the time throughout the long day/night cycle I’ll stop to admire the view, whether it be the browning greenery of Central Park or signs atop skyscrapers reflecting off Spidey’s boots as he’s perching, it is genuinely breath-taking.

The combat too is excellent, similar to Batman games of past but reworked to include webs and gadgets that unlocks as you progress through the game, including air combat (not in planes but throwing the bad guy up in the air to then beat him up in mid-air suspension) for extra ‘focus’. This focus, which is obtained through combos and certain moves, allows Spidey to execute badass finishing moves or heal himself, which is only really needed if you’re playing on the hardest of the game’s three difficulties. Focus, along which each mission’s bonus objectives, mean that the combat doesn’t often get repetitive as there’s always a challenge to accomplish.

The cherry on the cake for this game though is the original story, a story which to be honest has nothing on The Last of Us or God of War but is still fun-packed. A lot of Spiderman’s well-known nemeses tie into the game in one way or another, even just for a short battle but seeing a reincarnation of an all-time classic bad guy and being able to duel him one on one as Spiderman is a childish dream personified. Although, for me the cake is not quite as sweet as it seems…

Back in 2012, I played The Amazing Spiderman, the Activision title based off the movie of the same name and it wasn’t great. However, the thing that really jumped out at me was the ability to swing through the streets of New York city completely freely outside missions. With street crimes spawning randomly and collectibles to find, it was beautiful. Though for a lot of people, Spiderman is the first experience of that they’ve had. To them it is a brand-new mechanic and to them it’s spectacular.

However, I feel a bit like I’ve been here and done that before. It’s great to be able to get that same feeling with even better graphics, reworked combat and an original story but it doesn’t completely do it for me like it does for most people. Saying that, if you’ve never played it before then being Spiderman is definitely one of the most enjoyable experiences to be had in the world of video games today, an absolute blast.

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