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The top telly still to come in 2018

The temperature is dropping and the days are getting shorter - it can only mean that bingeing season is upon us!

Maniac – September 21st
Directed by Cary Fukunaga, director of the universally-acclaimed first season of True Detective and co-writer of smash-hit horror remake It, Maniac follows participants in a mysterious pharmaceutical trial. The trial, comprising of a pill treatment over the course of three days, claims to rid its participants of their psychological ailments with no side-effects whatsoever. The confirmed cast is stellar – Emma Stone and Jonah Hill portray the show’s leads, whilst Sally Field, Justin Theroux and Gabriel Byrne offer esteemed support in minor roles. With Netflix releasing few details about the show, Maniac is sure to be one of the most unique and intriguing releases of the year.

The Good Place, Season 3 – September 27th
The fantasy sitcom starring Kristen Bell, a human mistakenly sent to heaven due to an admin error, is back with a new 13-episode run. The show follows Eleanor (Bell) as she tries to become a better person in the afterlife but as she soon discovers, everything is not what it seems. Season 2’s finale left viewers with many questions about how the show would progress. However the show has been praised for its narrative transitions in the previous two seasons, suggesting that the new format will still work well.

American Horror Story, Season 8 – September 27th
The latest season of the horror anthology season is titled ‘Apocalypse’ and will centre around the long-rumoured crossover of two of the show’s most popular seasons, Murder House and Coven. Predictably the latest season will feature many of showrunner Ryan Murphy’s regulars, including Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters and Kathy Bates but fans will be most excited by the confirmed return of Jessica Lange in the role of Murder House’s Constance Langdon. This will be Lange’s first appearance in the show since the fourth season, Freak Show, where she played the lead role.

Big Mouth, Season 2 – October 5th
Netflix’s animated series about the horrors of puberty was a surprise hit in 2017 due to its unique premise and niche material. But the show goes beyond the initial tactic of shock value, gaining a devoted viewership through its accurate depiction of the awkwardness of pubescence. So if Get Out director Jordan Peele voicing the ghost of Freddie Mercury and Jon Hamm voicing a scallop didn’t quite do it for you, season 2 features David Thewlis, aka Harry Potter’s Lupin, portraying Shame Wizard, a monster who haunts children by reminding them of their deepest shame. What’s not to like?

Doctor Who, Season 11 – October 7th
Season 11 is set to be a big one. The show gives its first female Doctor Who, Jodie Whittaker, her first outing and it will also be the first season without Steven Moffat as showrunner since 2009, with Chris Chibnall taking over the reigns. Additionally, the show will be moving from its traditional Saturday night slot to Sunday evenings – the first time this has happened since the show’s revival in 2005. Details about the new season are scarce at the moment but the show is expected to continue its tradition of exploring a new story every week.

Season 9 will be the final one for The Walking Dead’s lead star Andrew Lincoln.

The Walking Dead, Season 9 – October 8th
The popular zombie apocalypse series has been waning over the last few seasons as it continues to drift away from its core appeal of gory zombie slaying and focuses more on inter-group conflicts. However, season 8 was probably the best for quite a while and offers some hope for its upcoming ninth season. With the show’s lead Andrew Lincoln and series regular Lauren Cohan confirming that this will be their final season, it’ll be interesting to see how the narrative will shift without them, and more importantly, if it will provide the terminal blow for the long-struggling series.

Riverdale, Season 3 – October 11th
The return of television’s most surreal, drama-ridden town will be a welcome sight for its fans, following season 2’s eventful finale. Last season’s final episode put many exciting storylines in place, but unfortunately for eager viewers Netflix will once again be adopting the traditional approach of releasing episodes weekly. Good things come to those who wait I guess.

Narcos, Season 4 – November 16th
The fourth season of the popular Netflix drama will be its first to venture outside of Columbia. Titled ‘Mexico’ after its new location, the latest season will explore the rise of the Guadalajara Cartel in the 1980s. Mexico stars Diego Luna as Felix Gallardo, who formed the Guadalajara Cartel, and Michael Pena, the DEA agent tracking him. The series’ official synopsis claims that the season four ‘will explore the origins of the modern drug war by going back to its roots’ so it will be interesting to see how this change of perspective combined with a new location will alter the show’s feel and approach.

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