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Save Your Skin

Our editor tells you her top picks to salvage your dried-out skin

It’s creeping up to Christmas, the coldest holiday time of the year. We shop for warmer clothes to stop us from freezing, we feed and hydrate our bodies to keep our energy up but why aren’t we taking the same care of our skin? During the winter months, skin cries out for help as the water in it evaporates quicker, leaving it visibly flaky and feeling tight and dry. Here are some must-haves that are in my skincare routine to give that drop of moisture for an instant hydrating boost:

Lush Oatifix Face Mask£8.50 / 75g

A face mask is detrimental to hydration and Lush comes up top with this bargain pot. Oatifix ‘hydrates, exfoliates and treats’, making sure that you are sorted for winter and from personal experience, your skin will not be dry for long! The fine oatmeal has ‘soothing and anti-inflammatory’ properties, the organic illipe butter ‘conditions and restores’, the fresh organic banana is ‘rich and nourishing and the vanilla pod is ‘sweet and soothing’. Spread the mask across the face and leave it on for about fifteen minutes before washing off with warm water. Do this a maximum of three times a week and you will be glowing!

The Body Shop Vitamin E Gel Moisture Cream– £13.00 / 50ml

No matter if you wear make-up or not, a must-have for your morning routine is a face moisturiser. This small but mighty pot from The Body Shop is a gel formula which is completely oil-free and lightweight but with ’48-hour protection’. Taken directly from the company’s website, they say of the cream: ‘formulated with natural origin hyaluronic acid, from bio-fermented wheat-germ from Pomacle, France and raspberry extract, containing Vitamin E, to refresh and re-plump with moisture.’ Use this as a daily moisturiser and you will feel instantly refreshed and ready to go. This is a staple in my make-up bag and I cannot rave about it enough.


The Body Shop Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream– £14.00 / 50ml

Just as your skin is working during the day, it is doing exactly the same at night too. This night cream is from the same range as the suggested day cream above but one that you allow to soak into the skin. Still locking in moisture, it is not of greasy texture and so it ‘helps to restore the skins natural moisture barrier’. Use this cream nightly before you go to bed and notice a dramatic difference the next morning.

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5– £5.99 / 30ml

Hyaluronic acid has extensive hydrating properties and this lightweight formula from The Ordinary is to be used under daily moisturiser to instantly lock in moisture and continues to do so throughout the day. The price tag is not reflective of the positives of this product so it is definitely a steal.

Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer
– £30 / 50ml

The final staple to cure your dry skin is this Laura Mercier hydrating primer. The price tag is a little more excessive but a definite worthwhile investment. A primer is necessary before the application of make-up because it allows it to glide on easier and last longer, especially in more intensive weather. This primer is ‘hydrating is a lightweight, creamy gel for dehydrated and/or aging skin that protects and moisturizes the skin for flawless makeup application’. I have tried many different primers, most under the expense of this but this is the one I found was best for its moisturising properties and ability to help my make-up stay!


There will be alternatives to all of the skincare products listed above but these specific items are tried and tested by myself and I can assure you they work for my difficultly dry and sensitive skin.

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