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France at war over the price of fuel

Rising fuel prices have seen protests erupt in France

Protests in France began around the 17th of November.

The French people are protesting after a recent increase in fuel tax, which was said to have been increased for environmental reasons. Fuel prices have risen by 23% within the past year. This is set to rise even more in the next few years. In order to combat this, protesters, known as “gilets jaunes” (French for “yellow vests”) have taken to the streets in fluorescent yellow jackets, as many believe the fuel tax will jeopardise their livelihood.

According to France’s interior minister, roughly about 136,000 people took part in the protests this Sunday. The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, confirmed that Saturday’s protests have caused millions worth of damage. Protesters have caused blockades in streets and roads, and set buildings and cars on fires. Police used tear gas and water cannons against protesters. The protest is also said to be a response to Present Emmanuel Macron’s leadership of the country.

Deaths include an 80 year-old woman in Marseille after she was hit, in her own home, by a tear gas canister. There have been around 133 people injured.

President Macron has said, “I will never accept the violence”.

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