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Harmful stereotypes will be banned from adverts

The UK's advertising watchdog has taken a big stand against the reinforcement of toxic gender roles

A new rule is set come into effect in June 2019 where adverts depicting men and women in stereotypical scenarios will be banned. This includes adverts with ‘problematic situations’ of men and women struggling to succeed at something due to their gender, which would include men struggling with household chores, or changing a nappy.

This change is due to a recent review by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) where it was revealed that some adverts and campaigns could “restrict the choices, aspirations and opportunities of children, young people and adults.”

A change in the adverts would show that society is evolving and changing, and not perpetuating the stereotypes of years before. The simple fact is that these adverts don’t resonate with consumers anymore; they need adverts that will depict the ever changing life.

There are already advertising rules in place which restrict adverts that depict gender sexualisation and objectification.

Adverts often get pulled from television and billboards quickly due to the influence of social media.

Humour within adverts is something that won’t be banned, unless it depicts harmful, stereotypical situations such as mocking men for showing their emotions.

“Harmful gender stereotypes have no place in UK advertisements,” CAP’s direction Shahriar Coupal said.

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