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The Kinda Funny Games Showcase is a triumph for indie developers

The inaugural event discussed over 60 upcoming/new projects from the independent gaming market

Last weekend was the inaugural Kinda Funny Games Showcase, a small-scale show for small-scale developers to come and show off the newest indie games launching over the next year. The event was solely organised and run by a brilliant team called Kinda Funny Games who produce podcasts and games related comedy content on YouTube. Most of the seven strong team, including Greg Miller and Tim Gettys, used to work at IGN but left around 2 years ago to produce their own content.

The team are big PlayStation fans, having previously hosted the tremendously popular Podcast Beyond at IGN for 8 years since the shows debut. After news that PSX had been cancelled this year, the team took it upon themselves to fill its place and offer an alternative platform for indie developers to show off their creations. Positively, they decided to include games available on any platform not just PlayStation exclusives and so, the Kinda Funny Games Showcase was born.

The event was supposed to be small, with no releases or announcements from AAA-developers, but while that sounds disappointing, over 60 games were released, announced or teased on the big day, and that’s great news for any video games fan. Some of my favourite announcements are these, but for a full list have a look on Kotaku or an equivalent site:

Super Meat Boy Forever will release on the PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC in April 2019.
 Multiplayer shooter, At Sundown, now has a release date of January 22, 2019 for the PS4,
Xbox One, Switch, and PC.
 There’s a new DLC update for Human Fall Flat, called Dark. It will release on December 10th.
The Walking Dead: The Final Season Episode 3 coming on January 15, 2019.
 Exploration game Vane now has a release date on PS4: January 15, 2019.
A Fold Apart, a cute folding paper puzzle game was announced for 2019 on PC, Switch, PS4,
and Xbox One.
 Celeste Limited Run Games physical announcement: January 1, 2019

Being a long-term fan of Kinda Funny and Kinda Funny Games I have seen just how much time and
effort this team has put into making an event that has really ticked every box for me. They have
really poured their heart into making it the best it can be, including developers that might not have
gotten another opportunity to present their new game after PSX’s cancellation or who simply can’t
market their creation at all. Or making sure that the fans of their shows, as well as the
announcements, got their regular fix of normal content every single day whilst juggling organising an event on this scale. To think that seven people built this from scratch, for us, the fans and the small developers. We really should take our hats off to them and tell them a big ‘well done’ for making this all a possibility.

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