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How To Get Cheap Theatre Tickets

Love theatre but don't love the price? Here's the best ways to get your hands on cheap tickets as a student!

TKTS Theatre Ticket Booth in Leicester Square, London

According to The Stage, the 16-19 age group make up the highest demographic of theatre attendees in the UK, which crosses over to the student population. Being an avid theatregoer myself, I am here to tell you about the best ways to obtain tickets to some great theatre, cost-effectively!

If you are already in and around London, the big TKTS theatre ticket booth in Leicester Square is a good starting point. Members of TKTS, which include the theatres that the shows are playing at, can sell their daily-unsold tickets directly through TKTS. What makes this booth unique is that tickets are only available on the day of the performance so that you can get the best price. This is also very useful if you really do not mind what you see or are in London at short notice and have some time to kill. Ticket prices vary but the booth opens at 10am on weekdays at 11am on Saturday’s. It is recommended that you get here early, as it is very popular!

Show Website
In my opinion, the best way to obtain tickets to show you the availability, and from somewhere that are not trying to resell the tickets for a profit, is directly from the shows website. If you go to the website of the show that you want to see at click on the ‘tickets’ tab, it will redirect you to the ticket page and you can choose where you want to sit on the seating map which will also give you a detailed view of the pyramid of ticket prices. The reason why I personally would not suggest going through another website that is not directly linked to the show and sells many other theatre tickets, is that they are usually selling these for a lot more than the theatre would. So it may seem like they have great availability but you could be paying up to double for your tickets from one of these sites than from the official ticket sites.

TodayTix is an app that you can get which has a vast range of discounted theatre tickets. Alongside this, they also offer ‘Lottery’ and ‘Rush’ tickets. Lottery tickets mean you can enter to win very discounted tickets to top West End shows, such as Everybody’s Talking About Jamie and Dreamgirls. The Lottery opens at 10am on the days performance and you find out a couple of hours beforehand. Rush tickets are highly discounted tickets (usually around £25) but less ‘luck of the draw’ and more ‘first-come first-served’. You can unlock these tickets by sharing a social media post and the tickets are released at 10am on the day of the performance but you have to be prompt as these get snapped up quickly!

If RSC shows take your fancy, then the RSC could be for you. It offers discounts and even £5 tickets for 16-25 year olds to its shows in Stratford-upon-Avon and London. You can sign up online at

National Theatre Entry Pass
Similar to the RSC Key, the Entry Pass gives you £5 tickets to every single show if you are aged between 16 and 25. You can sign up online at

Mousetrap Theatre Projects
Mousetrap Theatre Projects is an organisation which is a theatre education charity. Not only does it offer cheap tickets for students studying drama or relating courses, £5 tickets 16-18 year olds, £10 tickets for 19-23 year olds and £20 tickets for 24-29 year olds, but it also has taken thousands of young, disadvantage people to experience the magic of theatre, live. You can sign up online if you fit the age brackets above and see what theatre is on offer for the month ahead:

Young Vic
The Young Vic also offers £10 tickets for under 26 year olds and extends that offer for full time students. Head to their website or go to the box office in person to make use of the offer.


There are also many theatres that do student tickets such as the Southwark Playhouse and the Almeida Theatre, so just keep an eye out and make use of the student offers whilst you can!

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