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The Proof is in the Pastry: Greggs and the Vegan Sausage Roll Revolution

Greggs' vegan sausage roll initially led to backlash and controversy - but in the long run, could it become a mainstay of the vegan/vegetarian diet?

Over the last few years, veganism and vegetarianism has been taking the world by storm. This rise in demand has then forced food companies to cater for them, providing a wider variety of vegetarian and vegan friendly food options to what was a drastically poor supply. Gone are the days when vegans and vegetarians have the options of halloumi, falafel or a cheese ploughmans sandwich. This rise in demand has been met with great supply, the most recent of which is Greggs’ popular vegan sausage roll.

On January 3rd this year, Greggs released its long-awaited vegan sausage roll. The sales of the product have skyrocketed with the new release being the company’s fastest selling product for six years. However, not everyone is happy with the change. Upon release, Piers Morgan was kind enough to let Greggs know that ‘nobody was waiting for a vegan bloody sausage’ but the sad fact is, we were.

The limited options for vegans and vegetarians alike means that there is a market for it, and why wouldn’t companies like Greggs take advantage of that? It creates a supply for an ever growing demand and on top of that, there’s no real difference in taste. As someone that’s living a vegetarian lifestyle, I couldn’t be happier about Greggs’ latest product and the online uproar that it has caused.

In the era of social media and so-called ‘keyboard warriors’, many have complained to Greggs on twitter, voicing their rage at the company’s accommodation of an ever growing market (I can’t help but wonder how many of these complaints are coming from the same people that talk of the ‘snowflakes’ that are so easily offended, but perhaps that’s another conversation altogether).

This attention on twitter has then furthered the marketing of the sausage roll, and since its release there have been numerous keyboard warriors attempting to target Greggs on Twitter, only to receive a witty ‘clap back’ from the bakery’s official Twitter in return. And as consumers of drama the general public eat it up and focus all attention towards the source. All of this online commotion has therefore thrusted Greggs into the limelight and with the attention that veganism is currently receiving as a result, I can only hope that other companies follow suit in an attempt to flood the market.

The fact that this product has sold so well demonstrates its popularity – and it isn’t just vegans that are buying them. Over the past week alone I’ve overheard numerous conversations in the university library of people talking about the new sausage roll, only to then venture out to buy one and return empty handed because Greggs have sold out, or even going to a further Greggs branch just to get their hands on one.

The question is, will this just be a fad? The optimist in me says no, with non-vegans and non-vegetarians enjoying the product, it may even convert some hardcore meat eaters to the vegetarian lifestyle. I can only hope that people can realise that not only is a vegetarian lifestyle healthier for you and the environment, but that there really is little to no difference in taste at all. You can take Greggs’ vegan sausage roll as proof of that fact.

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