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Après-Ski: This season’s must have piece… Ski Goggles?

Rihanna and Kim Kardashian West have brought a new trend home from the slopes...

Fashion, for both genders, is certainly amidst a highly experimental phase. In recent years, athletic wear has taken on a smarter, dare I say it, more formal edge, and chunky trainers are everywhere. And as retro-inspired sportswear rides the wave of the strengthening athleisure movement, it’s unsurprising that the latest trend quietly sweeping across the web is sport-related – albeit an unexpected one.

The sales of ski goggle-style sunglasses and eyewear have steadily increased since the start of the year with Urban Outfitters and ASOS leading the charge. Last year, Prada’s recently relaunched Sport Linea Rossa collection also featured ski-inspired frames.

But obviously this new eyewear trend does not simply involve recycling a pair of old goggles from your school ski trip to Austria. The style has been updated for 2019, dropping the elastic strap for a more fashion-friendly look. Definitely more après-ski than on-piste.

And of course, the trend was put in motion long before now with the likes of Kim Kardashian West and Rita Ora rocking them during 2018. Kardashian West was spotted wearing a cycling-inspired pair at a Louis Vuitton show whilst Ora was photographed in an eye-catching pair of reflective neon glasses. One of the more recent advocates is Rihanna, who had ski goggles on rotation last week whilst in New York. She was first seen sporting a daring pair of orange tinted ski glasses before swapping them out for a more opaque pair.

But why the sudden spike in ski-inspired accessories? Perhaps recent retrospective trends reflecting a society that chooses to look backwards in order to avoid an uncertain present has gone full circle. The repurposed ski goggles inject a sense of the inventive and the futuristic into an ensemble. When paired with safer sartorial choices, the goggles become a focal point – and certainly an emphasis on newfound perspectives and looking at the landscape with a different point of view. I wonder what is giving the fashion world such a dystopian outlook on the world?

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