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SUPER BOWL 53: An alright affair?

The biggest sporting spectacle of the year failed to live up to the hype

This year’s Super Bowl had all the potential to go down as one of the greatest of all time. Tom Brady and New England Patriots Vs Jared Goff and The Los Angeles Rams. It was expected to be one of the greatest sporting spectacles 2019 has to offer. However, the Super Bowl fell short of expectations… Big Time.

This game was hugely anticipated, along with a star studded halftime show, so what could possibly go wrong? Well, this year’s Super Bowl started with some high adrenaline plays from both sides, but both fell short of putting any numbers on the board. It was a lacklustre first half if I’ve ever seen one, with only the Patriots scoring a field goal just before half time. Low scoring, dull atmosphere and a constant battle of running up and down the field. A bore to watch.

The halftime show was predicted to be electrifying, with Maroon 5 and Travis Scott headlining; surely it could not disappoint. However, even though this halftime show featured two of the biggest artists in the world it fell flat with Maroon 5’s awkward dancing and dreadful stage presence and Travis Scott lacking his signature autotune and being censored throughout the whole performance. But I digress… back to the sports.

The second half also featured an abysmal performance from both sides, with a few
glimmers of hope from the Rams. They only managed to secure a field goal much like their
opponents from the 2nd quarter. It seemed all hope had been lost for this match as a spectacle. However, The Patriots turned up the heat in the 4th quarter, as running back Sony Michel scored a goal-line touchdown to propel the Patriots to championship glory. It was a whole 53 minutes before any side scored a touchdown, making it a very dull affair. Kicker Stephen Gostkowski finished the scoring kicking the ball through the posts into the promised land.

The Patriots won 13-3, and a deserved win the way they were playing. Tom Brady converted
21 of his 35 passes with one interception, and receiver Julian Edelman led yards gained with
141 on 10 receptions. It was the lowest score in Super Bowl history, and didn’t live up to the

It didn’t live up to the Super Bowl two years ago, when the Patriots met the Atlanta Falcons
at Super Bowl 51. The Patriots were down 3–28 at the half, and appeared to be in for a shocking
defeat. However, Tom Brady led the comeback and defeated the Falcons 34 – 28 in
overtime! This is why they call Tom Brady the GOAT (Greatest of All Time). He can take charge and turn a game around in an instant. It will be a surprise to see the Patriots in next year’s Super Bowl, but you can never say never. And hopefully, it will be a higher score and a better match next year; that is all we can hope for.

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