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Play Up Pompey! Varsity Build Up 2019

The biggest sporting event on the university calendar has finally arrived, but can UoP end the recent Southampton stronghold?

The time has finally arrived people. Varsity 2019 is here and maybe, just maybe, Portsmouth are destined for greatness. Last year, Portsmouth may of fallen short, losing 188 – 96 to Team Southampton but this year is different. Portsmouth are seeking revenge. This is the end game for most competitors, a last chance for glory against their rivals. And for some, it’s a new opportunity,
with new players across all sports getting a taste of the competitive spirit. This year, it’s on our turf, providing a great opportunity to bring the cup home at last.

Our sports teams have been doing very well in their respective leagues, which will provide a lot of hope going into tomorrow. In rugby union, the men’s 1sts defeated Reading 28-24 giving them a
good push going into Sunday’s match up with Southampton. In football, the men’s 3rd and 4th team have done very well winning in both of their matches recently. The same goes for lacrosse,
netball, badminton, hockey and netball. So, we are in a great position to take on Southampton.

Some key matches to watch are the basketball, rugby, American football and hockey, as each sport has had a very unique rivalry with Southampton. For instance, the Portsmouth Destroyers (American football), used to be in the same league as Southampton. But Portsmouth have overtaken Southampton and were promoted two leagues above them over the course of the last three years. So, Southampton will be out for blood against the Destroyers for that match.

Varsity is a huge day of celebration and travelling around from venue to venue. The venues that will be hosting Varsity this year are: HMS Temeraire, Spinnaker Sports Centre, St Paul’s Gym, Langstone Campus, and The Union – Third Space and the activities rooms will be a hub of information updating social media with the results and drama as they happen. Along with these main venues, there are venues that are only being specifically used for particular sports such as
Mountbatten Centre, which will host the swimming and Havant RFC, which will host the American
football match.

The date this all kicks off is on the 24th March 2019. Varsity is a huge event and shouldn’t be
missed by any Portsmouth student. It’s a chance to be proud of the university and the colours that are represented. It’s the one time of year all the students come together to face off against a common enemy. The teams have proven that they are worthy to take on Southampton and are coming off of comfortable wins. The 2019 Varsity Cup is in our hands.

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