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LeBron’s Lakers are looking mighty lacklustre

Could the end of the Lebron James' era be on the horizon?

Lebron James moved to the Los Angeles Lakers this season in the hopes of bringing a championship to the city. In the past, Lebron has chosen a new team and has reached the finals in that year. However, in the 2018-19 season, Lebron and the Lakers have failed to reach the post-season. This will be the first time Lebron has missed the playoffs since he did it in 2005 with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

They were eliminated from contention by the Brooklyn Nets on the 22nd March. It was a match full of anticipation as Lebron needed to secure a win to reach the playoffs and D’Angelo Russell was out for revenge on the Lakers for trading him a season ago. Lebron attempted to ensure the Lakers would stay in contention and hold up his mantle of being the King of the NBA. He put in a royal performance of 25 Points, 9 Rebounds and 14 Assists; however, it wasn’t enough against the Nets. The Lakers lost 106-111, with Joe Harris scoring a game high 26 Points in the match up.

Russell had a point to prove against his former team and ensured that the Nets would make it through to the playoffs, and not have Lebron in sight. It puts Lebron and the Lakers in doubt of any success for the rest of the season and any seasons from here on out. Lebron is getting older and his reign as King of the league could be coming to an end. The mantle is slowly being passed on to
the younger generations. And with talents such as Giannis Antetokounmpo (Bucks) and Ben Simmons (Sixers) taking the league by storm, it’s only a matter of time.

Lebron has a left a huge legacy in the league, and his dominance and play could never be replicated in the sport of basketball again. However, if we go by anything, we should understand that may be Lebron is like a fine wine, getting better and more dominant with age. So, who knows, next season could see a resurgence in the king. Lebron could even have a hand in recruiting a new
superstar for the Lakers. Options include Anthony Davis, Kevin Durant or Kyrie Irving. Any of these players will add a new level of depth in the squad, and could potentially bring a championship back to the historic city of L.A. This season may be finished, but offseason is coming…. So be prepared.

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