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How To Get Cheap Theatre Tickets

According to The Stage, the 16-19 age group make up the highest demographic of theatre attendees in the UK, which crosses over to the student population. Being an avid theatregoer myself, I am here to tell you about the best […]


Is anyone there?

‘Morning’ Journal, written with inverted commas as one rarely produces them when it is still the morning. Every day is met with a profound idea – yearning, with zeal, to reveal itself to you, reading this. Yet today, the opposite […]


Bakar: UK Tour

As cliche as it sounds, we all have a summer soundtrack. It could be the theme of your favourite summer film, or your favourite artists new playlist, whatever it may be, there’s a motif out there that defines your summer. […]


Waitress the Musical – Review

Award-winning musical Waitress, based on the 2007 film by Adrienne Shelly, opened its Broadway doors in April 2016 and has been charming audiences ever since. Sara Bareilles, an American singer-songwriter renowned for her hit single Love Song, wrote the music […]