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Film & TV

Five of the Best… World Cinema

For those feeling disenfranchised by your typical Hollywood blockbuster, World Cinema can be a great place to find something different. Here are five very unusual but brilliant foreign flicks from the last decade to get you dipping your toes into that crazy world.

Album Review

Album review: Kele – Tenderoni

With the way Bloc Party’s music has been going recently, there was clearly some directional disparity within the band. The differences were starting to show through in the music too. ‘Intimacy’ wasn’t anything particularly special and ‘One More Chance’ was […]


Crunk ain’t dead? It will be soon

Today my faith in music has hit an all time low; I have been subjected to “screamo-crunk”. I have genuinely never wanted to rip my ears off any more than when my housemate played me the band ‘BrokenCYDE’. The name […]