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3D TV – Pros and Cons

If you didn’t know, there’s recently been an influx of films in High-Definition 3 Dimensions (HD 3D). Both TV and Cinemas are keen to adopt the new technology. With Piranha 3-D, Alice in Wonderland, and Toy Story 3-D versions all in the making, we’ve got a lot to look forward to.

Movie Review

Move review: My Name is Khan

I’m a bit of a tough cookie when it comes to crying at emotional films. That all came to an end after watching My Name is Khan. It’s the heart-wrenching story of a Muslim man, Khan, diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, who falls for a single Hindu mum, Mandira.

Movie Review

Movie review: Youth in Revolt

Pitched to me as a typical American comedy, I wasn’t holding out much hope for this film. Starring Michael Cera of Juno fame and peppered with such fine actors as Steve Buscemi, I should have realised this wasn’t going to be some ‘hilarious’ slapstick affair.