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Arts and Entertainment Editor: Danny Randon
Online Arts and Entertainment Editor: Emma Leahy
Deputy Arts and Entertainment Editor: Cameron Oldridge
Music Editor: Monica Saunders
Screen Editor: Peter Lyons
Gaming and Technology Editor: Tom Breakwell
Culture Editor: Position Vacant

Weekly Meeting Time
Tuesday's at 5pm
Room 3, Students' Union

Game Review

Game review: ‘Thief’

Thief is certainly a game with a degree of expectation upon its shoulders. Ever since gameplay was shown off at E3 last year, I have been looking forward to this game. With the last game in the series having been…

Game Review

Game review: ‘Titanfall Beta’

Respawn’s new first-person-shooter certainly has a lot of weight resting on its shoulders. Timed to hit stores this March, Titanfall will be going head to head with the PS4 exclusive Infamous: Second Son. Geared as the first glimpse of next-gen first…

Technology and Gaming plays Pokémon

Watching someone play Pokémon doesn’t sound very interesting. Watching 70,000 people playing the same game of Pokémon online is a whole different story. It’s fascinating: commands are entered by a chatroom to the side of the ongoing game, where people…

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