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Arts and Entertainment Editor: Danny Randon
Online Arts and Entertainment Editor: Emma Leahy
Deputy Arts and Entertainment Editor: Cameron Oldridge
Music Editor: Charly Barnes
Screen Editor: Peter Lyons
Gaming and Technology Editor: Position Vacant
Culture Editor: Nick Meadows

Weekly Meeting Time
Tuesday's at 5pm
Room 3, Students' Union

Technology and Gaming plays Pokémon

Watching someone play Pokémon doesn’t sound very interesting. Watching 70,000 people playing the same game of Pokémon online is a whole different story. It’s fascinating: commands are entered by a chatroom to the side of the ongoing game, where people…

Game Review

Game review: ‘Outlast’

Outlast was made available on the PS4 Instant Game Collection this month, which you can of course download for free provided you are a PlayStation Plus member. Having downloaded the game and completed it, I am in truth finding it…

Game Review

Game review: ‘Trine’

Everyone has their own opinion on what the tell-tale signs that make up a good co-op game are. For some it is defending each other from rampaging zombies; equally, some find some sort of sadist satisfaction in bludgeoning and shooting…

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