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Third Space, Students' Union

Technology and Gaming

Another Halo Misfires

Halo 5: Guardians fails spectacularly when it comes to delivering a satisfying campaign, both in terms of story and gameplay. This is largely due to the fact that the game’s advertising did not represent a final product whatsoever. The game […]

Game Review

Game review: Prison Architect

Cast your mind back to the sim games of the late 90s. Classics like Dungeon Keeper, Theme Park and Theme Hospital. Their influence is clearly visible in Introversion’s Prison Architect – an unashamedly old school prison simulator. Prison Architect tasks […]

Other Review

Tech review: Android 6.0

As a self-proclaimed Google fanboy, I was very excited to get my Nexus 6 back from repair and play with the new version of Android, dubbed Marshmallow. There’s not an awful lot of changes from Lollipop, however. I’d make comparisons […]

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