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Alex Bee, Marketing and Publicity Manager

Hi I’m Alex, I’m 21 and I am in charge of Marketing and Publicity for The Galleon. In first and second year I was Fashion Editor and loved coming up with content every week as part of the Features team. My favourite article was one I wrote in first year about the disproportionate representation of menswear in the fashion industry, which I loved because I got to vox pop (flirt with) loads of guys around campus! I’d love to work at Vogue one day but I think it’s more likely that I will be trapped interning in fashion cupboards forever. My favourite pub in Portsmouth is The One Eyed Dog, although I’m probably biased as I spend most of my term working behind the bar there.



Fashion & Beauty

Fashion Showdown: LFW vs PFW

Fashion month is pretty much a time when the press ferry themselves from show to show, country to country, pens and iPhones poised, saying: ‘Okay designers, show us what you’ve got.’ While London is known for its innovate designs and […]


Is it worth getting the bus?

European countries can often seem so near yet so far. For a lot of students studying in Portsmouth, perched on the south coast of the country, heading over to the continent may even be a shorter trip than travelling to […]