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The Galleon’s Summertime Picks

Soon, the university year as we know it will conclude. Memories of stressful deadlines will dissipate and the once bustling student library will fall near-silent. But as ever, the cogs of cinema will whirr fervently throughout the summertime. To help […]

Film & TV

Television: Televisual Nostalgia – the Best TV Shows for 90’s Kids

My Parents Are Aliens  For years, My Parents Are Aliens was conveniently intertwined into the after-school routine of the 90’s kid. As one of CITV’s flagship shows, it aired for seven years before drawing to a somewhat symbolic finale in […]

Film & TV

Film: The Galleon’s 10 Tip-Offs for 2016 (#Print53)

Spotlight, 29th January Being fired onto cinema screens as we speak, Spotlight promises to strike a chord of great seriousness. Illustrating the Boston Globe newspaper’s true uncovering of the hushed-up child molestation scandal amongst local Catholic figureheads, the events behind this […]

Film & TV

Film: The Galleon’s Top 10 Films of 2015

Carol Distinguishing the all-important contrast between the dreaminess of 1950s pop culture and its society’s antiquated views, Carol tells a tale of romance and self-discovery between two women at very different points in life. Todd Haynes masterfully and respectfully adapts […]

Film & TV

Box Office Preview: The Ones to Watch

With Spectre dominating the box office throughout late October and early November, one would assume that production companies were wise in scheduling their releases around Mr Craig’s latest excursion. Now, films canvassing for Academy recognition are already becoming blindingly obvious. […]