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Georgina Monk


Food & Health

Brain Food

With exams and deadlines looming just around the corner what kind of food should you be eating and what is the best food for maximum brain power? Although you may feel like binging on chocolate when you’re stressed, or at […]

Food & Health

Acne: In a Spot of Bother?

Although this is going to sound like an obscure Buzzfeed article, there are many things we should not be saying to people with acne, one of the most awkward skin conditions of many people’s teenage years. Whilst many people first […]

Movie Review

Downsizing Review

Downsizing, which came out in cinemas in early January, appeared to be an interesting concept from the trailers, with time available to make a poignant statement about overpopulation and the environment. Instead, Downsizing, after the first half an hour, consisted […]

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