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Harley Stevens


Local News

Student Swap Shop

In a bid to improve the city’s recycling, Portsmouth City Council are holding a Student Swap Shop on Tuesday 18th March, 9am – 5pm in the Union foyer. Set up by Portsmouth City Council, the event, under The BIG Recycle […]


University opens the first Dog Behaviour Centre

Britain’s first dog behaviour centre, dedicated to studying the domestic animal’s ability to understand humans and their surroundings, has recently opened at the University of Portsmouth. Dr Juliane Kaminski, the dog cognition expert who is head of the new centre […]


Social behaviour of chimpanzees studied

The University of Portsmouth’s centre for Comparative and Evolutionary Psychology has constructed an experiment involving a robot to study the social behaviour of chimpanzees. The development of the robot doll named ‘Robota’, was led by Professor Aude Bilard at the […]