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Jude Fensterheim



An Age Of Cynicism

The last 200 years have been an era defined by progress in all aspects of society, an epoch that Sociologists and Philosophers refer to as modernity. Underpinning this progress has been a logical attitude of rationalism. A result of this […]


Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day needs little explanation or introduction.  It is an event held every November in the UK to commemorate the lives of British troops who fought and died in past conflicts. The end of the First World War was the […]


The Trump Train

Many people will have woken up this morning to the somewhat surreal news that Donald Trump has been elected president of the United States.  As with Brexit in the UK, the polls got it wrong.  It was predicted that Hillary […]


Solidarity With Standing Rock

Since April of this year protesters have been at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation between North and South Dakota. They set up camp there to protest about the building of an oil pipeline that would involve the destruction of a […]


Get the Arms Trade Off Our Campus

The question of whether universities have a responsibility to act ethically is an incredibly important one. For me, it is one that has a straightforward answer, yes. It is especially pertinent given revelations (due to an FoI request by student […]

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