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Liam Govey



Where Do the Left Go From Here?

To quote the golden haired, billionaire, president-elect himself: “what the hell is going on here?” Though Trump himself has said this in relation to immigration and ISIS (dozens of times), it is a phrase that could pretty much sum up […]


Whoever Wins, America Loses

There’s a real conundrum facing the USA, and it’s entirely self-inflicted. The choice is between a woman shadier than the underside of a tree, and a man, whose recent misogyny makes your average rapper look like a veritable feminist. The […]


Where Next for UKIP?

The sole purpose of UKIP (UK Independence Party) has always been in its name. The independence in this case was to be free from the European Union. With that arguably achieved, and its controversial leader Nigel Farage now back on […]