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Mhlengi Mntungwa, Picture Editor


Is anyone there?

‘Morning’ Journal, written with inverted commas as one rarely produces them when it is still the morning. Every day is met with a profound idea – yearning, with zeal, to reveal itself to you, reading this. Yet today, the opposite […]

Plans of the conceptual perfect storm

She’s sat at the table, at the start of the game, curious eyes gliding over the object. Printed on each side of the domino is a butterfly, a tornado and the company name, ‘chaos’. Their tournament is located just between […]

Free Will Doesn’t Exist

How do these constituents manifest themselves? To be more specific, I’m alluding to the old ‘nature’ vs ‘nurture’ debate. Of course, this is presented as a dichotomy; we accept that both ‘nature’ and ‘nurture’ contribute to the making of a […]

The Arbitrary Experience of Love

I came across something on Tumblr: “Since I was very young I have believed that you grow up looking for that one special person with whom you are entirely compatible, the person that will be your partner in life through […]