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Paul Miller, Arts and Entertainment Editor 2011



Southsea Fest 2012 lineup announced

Though the idea of a thriving ‘alternative scene’ down Albert Road is at times hard to imagine, amongst all the staggering middle-aged women and leering middle-aged men, 15th September is the one day this year when you can be sure […]


Browsing the Argos catalogue

“My plan was really to…marry her, but I’ve got a girlfriend now, and she’s married.” While things may not have worked out exactly as he had intended with Emily Kane, that old flame is now well and truly in the past, and things aren’t bad for Eddie Argos.

Festival Review

Festival review: Bestival 2011

With a name like Bestival, it could easily be seen as arrogant, especially when the headline acts consist of Pendulum, The Cure and Bjork, but after four days in the ridiculous world of Bestival you realise that it’s definitely up […]

Single Review

Single review: Alphabeat – DJ

I’m not sure if I was missing something a couple of years ago, but the disgusting sensation that was Alphabeat never quite hit me. To me they just looked like Steps trying to reinvent themselves and gain some actual credibility, […]


Interview: Rolling with the Big Dog

When you’re sitting in a Radio 1 studio with a fifty-three year old man, who checks his Blackberry every few seconds when he’s not on air, yet still insists on referring to people as ‘cats’, it’s difficult to know where […]