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Ruchi Srivastava


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New book deliberates Doomsday

The question that instantly provokes debate and discussion: When and how will the world eventually end? The Mayan’s predict that it will be 21st December 2012. Artists and writers Steven Appleby and Art Lester’s new book ‘The Coffee Table Book […]

Other Review

An evening with Derek Acorah

Portsmouth was recently visited by one of the most well-known and respected spiritual mediums, Derek Acorah.  Although I am quite sceptical about such phenomenon, I was also rather intrigued to witness how a medium works and so I attended Acorah’s […]

Book Review

Satisfy your curiosity

I just happened to hear about the novel The Book Thief through hearsay; someone had casually mentioned it in one of my seminars, saying that it was a book that she would recommend to anyone who likes a good read. Being an avid English Literature student, I decided to satisfy my curiosity and try reading the book. Once I started it, I genuinely could not put it down.