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University Sport

Varsity 2018 Round-Up

Another year has come, and another Varsity has gone. This was the 10th Annual Varsity between Southampton University and the University of Portsmouth, and Southampton had the home advantage this year. Portsmouth haven’t won the Cup since 2013… and it […]


The Return of Ben Stokes

Ben Stokes returns as England’s talisman for their ODI matches against New Zealand, however, it is not to say that Stokes is completely out of the woods yet. While the ECB (England and Wales Cricket Board) removed the suspension from […]

University Sport

2018 Varsity Build-Up

Is there any other sporting event during University life that can equal that of Varsity? University Varsity is the pinnacle of university experience, and every university is subjected to it. One full day event to battle it out against your […]

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