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Thomas Clement



Tomb Raider: Live in Concert

“Look mum and dad, I did it,” calls Nathan McCree to the back of the Hammersmith Apollo, where his parents have been sat for the past two hours. McCree has a right to celebrate; his music, created over twenty years […]

Film & TV

Logan’s Last Fight

Deadpool was the biggest grossing X-Men film taking record breaking $754.5 million in its first weekend. Its R-rating didn’t deter audiences as many thought; it didn’t stop Blade back in 1998 either, but everyone forgot the black, R-rated Marvel superhero […]

Technology and Gaming

Red Dead Speculation

Red Dead Redemption 2‘s trailer was released last week, already racking up over 8 million views on Rockstar’s official YouTube page. Despite not giving us any gameplay footage, mechanics or even story points, the reception has been overwhelmingly positive. So […]